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Blessed Beyond Measure

January 28, 2009



Hello Blogging World!  This is my first post….I have been wanting to start a blog for several months now, and finally I am just doing it!    I love reading a few of my friends’ blogs and it’s a great way to keep up with friends and family who live far away.  So, if you’re interested–feel free to check back and see what the Laws are up to!  🙂

I also want to use this blog as a way to update people on what is going on–healthwise.  If you know me at all, then you know that 2008 was a year full of doctors appointments, chemotherapy, surgery and radation following my diagnosis of breast cancer back in March.  Jerel and I were pretty good about updating people for several months, but have been TERRIBLE  lately.  ALL of my friends and family have been so supportive and have helped us so much in the past year.  (THANK YOU!!!)  

I remember back in March–my first MRI–just days after my diagnosis.  I was VERY stressed-as you can imagine…and i was laying there on the table–this technician was telling me in the earphones to “breathe slower”—   So, instead of focusing on my breathing–I started praying.  That was even stressing me out a little–so I started thinking through a list of people who were praying FOR me at that specific time. My friend, Diana, had arranged times for people to pray for me and she had emailed the list that morning. As I was going through the list (as best as i could remember)–one phrase kept coming back to my mind–“I am blessed beyond measure.”   Thinking about all the friends/family that God had put into my life..thinking about my 3 kids (see picture above–Christopher-7, Luke-4 and Bailey-8), and Jerel– “I am blessed beyond measure”—that phrase got me through the past year!!  So, THANK YOU to all who have prayed for us–

If you are reading this and YOU have a blog….tell me so I can put you on my favorites page or a blog roll (although at this particular moment,  i have no idea how to do that!) But I will learn.

Check back later–I want to write about our kids/our family/etc.  I will also update you on my hair!!