Health Update and Idol Picks

One of my purposes for this blog was to find a way to communicate updates on my health-I wanted to give you an update of what is going on with me and ask you to PRAY for me!

I went to see my Oncologist a week and a half ago and he felt a lump under my arm (it was bothering me, so i made my appointment for 2 weeks earlier than it was originally scheduled). He sent me to my surgeon to evaluate it. (my oncologist thought it was most likely extra fluid from surgery)—so I went to my surgeon on Thursday of last week for him to aspirate the lump. When he did, he did not find fluid, but didn’t know exactly what it was, suspecting scar tissue. So, he sent off a sample and I just heard from him yesterday that the report came back that they are “atypical cells”. He would like to “get it out of there” –which means another surgery. I’m okay and fine with the surgery, just apprehensive and nervous about what the report will be….because they will send it off for pathology and from that, we will know if it is benign or cancer cells. My surgeon DID say that he suspects it is benign because it is not “looking or behaving like cancer.” So, let’s PRAY that he is right! 


The surgery is THIS Friday (the 20th)—a lot easier than my first surgery. It won’t be general anesthesia–just “local with sedation.”  So,let’s all pray for no more cancer.  Also, pray for me to trust—I’ve learned SO much about trust in the past year–that it’s not trusting FOR something, but IN something. (God)


OK—-forgive me, but it helps to think of other things (healthy denial and distraction!)—so here my

Idol Top 12 Picks….I’m doing this BEFORE tonight’s show—

I’ll see how many of my picks actually make the top 12.  

GIRLS–I’m not crazy about any of them, but here are my best guesses:

Allison, Alexis, Casey, Jasmine, Lil, Kendall

BOYS–They are awesome–I had a hard time just choosing 6, dog

Adam, Anoop, Brent, Danny, Matt G, Michael S


6 Responses to “Health Update and Idol Picks”

  1. Katie Hartline Says:

    I will be praying hard for you Susan…

  2. Sunny Green Says:

    Susan, I am interceeding on your behalf and will continue to lift you up in prayer before our Father. Please let us know if there is anything we can do in addition to praying.

  3. sherrie cockram Says:

    Listen friend, this is another bump in the road. You have the best of the best taking care of you. Your family, doctors, friends and your religeon. “This too shall pass”

  4. Marilyn Nutter Says:

    Susan, You have our prayers!

  5. Robin Says:

    We love you and we are praying!

  6. Cammie Howard Says:

    Hey! Glad I read this and know to pray for you on Friday. Also, you should be a judge on Idol…ha ha! Love ya girl!

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