Joy Comes in the Morning

Have you ever heard the phrase “Joy comes in the morning.”?   It’s from the Bible (Psalm 30).  Well, it’s true for me today.  Yesterday, I was pretty much devastated to learn that my body is still fighting the cancer.   But, this morning, I woke up feeling much more positive and feeling that I can fight this thing!  I feel good, went to Christopher’s basketball game this morning, and will watch the Tarheels this afternoon.  So, yes— joy  HOPE comes in the morning!

Yesterday, Jerel and I both really thought the mass would be scar tissue.  We are now waiting for the pathology to come back to tell us how much cancer was found.  I have a CT and Bone Scan this Tuesday.  The results of these will determine what we do from here. 

Please join me in praying specifically that:

1.  The pathology will show a trace amount of cancer cells and that the margins will be clear.

2.  The Bone and CT scans will be clear–indicating that the cancer has not spread anywhere else in my body.

3.  Jerel and I can stay positive, hopeful and emotionally ok.

Thanks so much for all the prayers and support and love.  We are continually amazed by our family, friends and body of Christ.

I am working on another post NOT ABOUT cancer at all—it’s about something really cute that Christopher did.  Should be a much more FUN post……  tune in later.

LOTS of love,



5 Responses to “Joy Comes in the Morning”

  1. Richard & Kathy Shoaf Says:

    I was in constant prayer for you yesterday. Mandy and I went with Becky to Spartanburg, SC to find her wedding gown at a Brides Against Breast Cancer event. She found the most BEAUTIFUL designer gown and bought it…with all of us thinking of YOU!!! We can’t wait for you to see it. We will continue you hold you, Jerel and the entire family up as you gear up to fight once more. We hope you feel our love holding you close!
    Love you,

  2. Kari Wimbish Says:

    Just checked in with Jerel’s FB page. Small world–I taught Dr. Turk’s son! It blesses me to read about the hope you woke up with this morning. Thank you for sharing these steps on your journey. Know that I am praying for you–like at this very moment! 😉

  3. Lori Says:

    Thanks for the update! I am praying for you both! I pray that you will know His peace that surpasses all understanding this weekend. May God continue to be glorified through your faithfulness in Him. You are amazing!

    I am working on a funny Daniel story as well.. its hard to put in words how funny it was at the time.. I look forward to reading about Christopher.

  4. Susan Says:

    Suz – I was in shock when I read Jerel’s email! You have been on my heart constantly since then. I just wish I could hug you and take care of you! =) But I’ll have to trust God to…for some reason He’s always better at it anyway. Know there will be plenty of us in Kinston praying for you. I’m so glad you’re doing this blog – it’s so great to keep up and I’m quite impressed w/ you! Put as many pictures on it as you can – I love seeing you guys! Love you lots! Susan

  5. Jessica Says:

    Wow…I stumbled on this via FB and all I can say is you are a strong, spiritual and beautiful woman. Susan, you bring tears to my eyes with your wonderful strength and outlook on things. I pray that things will start getting better and better and better and better…..hang in there.

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