Christopher- Map of Wishville

img_0728Christopher–7 years old

One night last week, I was going upstairs to check on everyone in bed.  Almost every night, I have to turn out Christopher’s lamp because he falls asleep with it on.  So, I wasn’t surprised when I walked down the hall and saw light coming from under his door.  But I was surprised to hear “scampering” and then a final leap on his bed. (It was about 9:30, and he goes to bed at 7:30!)  

There was a sheet of paper outside his door that said “Present on my board”–that was left for Jerel and me.  When I opened the door and saw him still awake, flying through the air to his bed, he told me to look at his dry-erase board (a 5 footx 3 ft board on his wall)—but to not tell Daddy…to let him find it on his own.  

This is what was on his board–evidently a 2 hour project:


It’s his “Map of Wishville”–the things that would make a perfect world to him.  There’s a Free Lego Shop and a Free Wii Shop, also a Target, a lake, mountains and trails.  He included 2 houses for his 2 best friends.  Jerel and I loved it because it shows how creative he is and shows his personality so well.  

Christopher has always been a builder and has such an imagination.  I can’t wait to see what he does with that as he grows!!


What would be on your Map of Wishville?  I’m thinking of mine—maybe some of it doesn’t have to be just wishes!

So, here’s to Christopher—such a sweet, loving, stubborn, kind, strong-willed, smart, creative,hilarious, influential, caring, emotional, responsible, joyful boy!  You are very loved!!! 



4 Responses to “Christopher- Map of Wishville”

  1. carey Says:

    this is SO sweet! Love the “key” he used to identify and locate everything… creative little dude ; )

  2. sherrie cockram Says:

    That made me cry. It is so wonderful!

  3. Catherine Says:

    Susan…I’m going to make this one of our activities for school tomorrow!! Or I may save it for Monday…Mondays are so hard around here. Nathan had such a great weekend with his dad…he helped him run our diocesan men’s conference. He was invited to spend the weekend with two of best friends, but he chose to hang with dad instead. But come Monday, when everyone had left and the camp is empty…he doesn’t want to live here anymore. So I’d be really interested what his “Wishville” would look like! Maybe it would be a village on wheels and travel around wherever there are fun people and fun things to do!!

  4. Cammie Howard Says:

    Love that Target made it !! Starbucks would be in my wishville!

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