Book Review/Family

raisingI recently read this book by Dr. Tim Kimmel called “Raising Kids for True Greatness”—it was a great book that challenged me and encouraged me to take a look at how Jerel and I are parenting our kids.

I liked it so much that I took it with me to our Family Retreat in January.  (We went to a great place called St. Christopher–  While we were there, we had several “family meetings” and during one, we came up with some new family rules.  (Using the book as a guide, we talked about what we thought was important in order for a family to function the way God intended).

Here’s what we came up with.  We played off our last name, and used the word “Laws”– probably wouldn’t have otherwise.


Law’s Family Laws

1. Everybody helps everybody.

2.  Be positive and encouraging.

3.  The kids are to listen and obey the parents-always!

4.  Respect one another’s space and stuff.

5.  Help each other make wise choices.

6.  Remember “Please” and “Thank you” are the signs of a grateful heart.

7.  Be quick to rally around a family member who is down.

8.  Eat as many meals together as possible.

9.  Have a lot of FUN!

10. God is #1 in our family.

Hopefully, this will work well for our family.  One funny sidenote– when I wrote them out the first time at the retreat, I accidently wrote for #8, “Eat as many meals as possible”– I forgot the word “together”–so we all still joke about trying to eat as many meals as possible.  🙂


One Response to “Book Review/Family”

  1. hdooley Says:

    Love it…. what a great idea. I actually am reading that book too but have only read the first two chapters so far. You have given me a very practical idea though for the family “laws”. Praying for you today friend!!

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