Health Update 2/28/09


img_0667The following is a copy of what I sent out this morning to my email distribution list.  This picture has nothing to do with this post, but all of a sudden this blog has gotten so serious–I just wanted to include one of my favorite pictures.  🙂

February 28, 2009
Hello Friends and Family–
Just wanted to give you the latest information we have. Jerel and I met with Dr. Girard–my Radiation Oncologist yesterday.  She had just returned from the Breast Forum where my case was presented by my surgeon to a room full of oncologists (surgeons, med. oncs, and rad.oncs) and they all discussed the best treatment plan.  We felt very fortunate to have had that opportunity to have all these minds wrapped around our situation.  In some ways, it feels like we’ve had the “second opinion” and 3rd, 4th, etc.
At the meeting, they had the pathology slides from my latest surgery and all the surgeons in the room agreed that we should go back in (with surgery) to try to remove all cancer cells (get clean margins).  This will be a more invasive surgery (similar to the lymph node removal which was a much longer recovery for my arm)–but the surgeon feels like there is a chance he could get clean margins–which would be wonderful.  This would be followed by radiation to the under arm area–proably another 6 week radiation schedule. 
The debate is whether or not to have chemotherapy. They are leaning towards me having it.  It’s tough because while we want to do everything we need to do,just thinking of chemo again seems like such a setback for me physically and emotionally.  But the feeling is that since the cancer has been in there, it could have spread microscopically somewhere else–even though the scans show no cancer in my bones and organs.  But chemotherapy would treat any “undetectable, if any” cells out there.  And of course we want to be aggressive.  My surgeon called me yesterday to talk about the upcoming surgery and he said that he would also be putting a “port” in again– which says chemo is a sure thing–even though we’ve heard no official word on this.
What’s next?  I am going to have an MRI (on both breasts and axillary areas) this coming week– they want to have all in the information possible when they go in this time.  Then, the surgery will be as soon as possible after that. We will keep you updated…..THANK YOU to so many of you who have emailed your thoughts and prayers to us.  I know I’m giving lots of information–but so many people are asking, that this is the easiest way to get the info. out.  But please let us know if you would not like to get these emails–I think there’s a button at the bottom of this that should say something like “unsubscribe”—I just have no way of knowing who wants these details!! 🙂
Jerel and I are both feeling positive about this–we know it will be hard again–but nothing we can’t handle.  We feel God has really given us a peace and a strong faith in Him. Please continue to pray for us.
Lots of love,

2 Responses to “Health Update 2/28/09”

  1. Dianne Mitzel Says:

    Dear Susan and Jerel, I am Chris and Angie Frye’s mom, Dianne Mitzel. I have known Susan since she was a baby in mother’s arms. I keep up with you through your dear parents.

    I feel so close to your situation since I am a 2 year breast cancer survivor. We know that we can have recurrences of this awful old stuff, and it is something that is always hanging over us. Your wonderful, positive attitude is so uplifting to all who read your blog. You know that you have the best team of doctors making the very best decisions for you, and you are right, you have to be aggressive and meet this beast head on.

    I will pray every day that you find that peace and strength you need to allow you to fight yet another battle. We who have been there know it’s not the most fun thing to do, but, it’s the end results that you know you will have so you do it! I love you, sweet family, and am here if you ever need to talk…who is your surgeon? I think your mom told me, but I have forgotten. I had Peter Turk, and Dr. Limentani is my oncologist. These wonderful doctors, who have been given their knowledge of this diesease, are our best “friends.” We live in a wonderful age of new discoveries and medical miracles..

    Go and fight, sweet girl, and I’ll be on the sidelines praying and encouraging you!!

    Dianne Mitzel

  2. Linda Reeb Says:

    Hi Susan – just enjoyed reading your blog, and wanted to assure you of my ongoing prayers. Also, for Jerel and the kids as well………I enjoyed reading the Law Family Laws – we did something similar years ago – brought back good memories. xo, Linda

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