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Update 3/24/09

March 24, 2009


March 24, 2009
Hello Friends and Family–
Jerel and I met with my surgeon today for a post-op visit (from my surgery on 3/12) and to get the pathology report from that surgery.  He took out a very large area under my arm and around the posterior pectoral (back) area.  Of these two areas, the first (under the arm) came back with the posterior margin still involved.  But we feel OK about that since the second area was the posterior side–this area also came back showing cancer extending to the margins.  

This is not the news we wanted to hear.  However, my surgeon said that whatever is left in there has got to be microscopic.  He said he took everything out that looked worrisome, suspicious, and basically all the tissue–he said what’s left is just muscle, nerves and veins.  So, he and my Radiation Oncologist feel confident that radiation to this area will “zap” the small amount of cancer remaining.   I will most likely go through chemotherapy before radation–because the chemo will treat the whole body and treat any cells that may or may not be floating out there!  After 4-6 sessions (probably every 3 weeks) of chemotherapy,  I will then do radiation.  

My surgeon is taking my case back to the Breast Forum this Friday morning.  This is the same group that met a month ago to discuss my case.  My Medical Oncologist (chemo guy) and Radiation Oncologist are a part of this board (as well as several other oncologists, surgical oncologists, etc.), so it is great that they will all be in one room discussing me.

We meet with my medical oncologist next Tuesday to decide for sure about chemo (what kind this time, when, how often, etc).  (We are actually going to call tomorrow and request to be worked in this Friday so he will be fresh from the forum to fill us in!)  Either way, at least by Tuesday the 31st, we will have a plan to attack this thing and GET IT all this time around.  

God has really given us a peace about this…Jerel and I both feel OK with this and confident that the chemo and radiation will work and that we have a great team of doctors on our side… pray that doubt and fear will not set in.  

We’ll update you again next week when we know the plan of action.
Lots of love,
Susan Law



March 23, 2009

Hello!  Today (March 23)–it’s been 11 days since my surgery to remove the cancer under my arm.  We are STILL waiting on the pathology.  We meet with my surgeon tomorrow afternoon–we will hear then if we got clean margins.  It’s been a LONG week and half for us…I’ll update this blog tomorrow late afternoon and let everyone know where we stand.

Either way, we will do chemotherapy again–starting in a few weeks.  Thanks for all the prayers and support.  Until tomorrow….


March 16, 2009

As our kids grow and change, it is fun (and a privilege) to see who they are becoming. Here are a few snipets– one priceless, one enlightening, and one dead-on.  You decide which is which…



We’re trying to get used to a 9-year old world. I begin this conversation looking in her drawers for some clothes to lay out for the next day:

  Me :  “Bailey, do you mind that these jeans have a hole in one knee?”

Bailey:  “Mom, that hole makes these jeans awesome!”




Our (school) morning routine begins when Christopher (age 7) comes in our bed at 5:45 am when his alarm goes off. He snuggles with us until 6:00 when we have to get up.  One day last week, he came in and this is the conversation we had (this was after we learned that I need chemotherapy again):

Christopher:  “Mommy, do you have to go through the whole hair thing again?”

Me:  “Yes”  

Christopher (said kind of slow and quiet):  “Oh mom, I am so sorry.”

It was so heartfelt and such a precious moment.  I told him that we all know that I did it once and I can do it again!


img_0673  An excerpt from Luke’s preschool conference form: (now my blogging friends will get a peek into what Luke is really like–at least it’s a comfort to us knowing his teachers really know him!)

“…Luke is an independent thinker with a kind heart and a wonderful exuberance for life- (which sometimes gets a bit too loud in the class, but he is always respectful of our wishes and tries to tone it down.)”



And finally:  GO HEELS!!


Hello Again

March 11, 2009

Hello Again Blogging World–I haven’t posted anything for several days.  I’ve missed blogging.  Christopher, Luke and I have all been sick the past week.  We’re all on antibiotics-so things are getting back to normal.  My surgery is tomorrow (Thursday– 3/12).  Please pray that the surgeon is able to get clean margins on the cancer under my arm.  

Jerel’s parents are coming in today to help us get through the next few days.  I am very thankful to them for being willing to come into our half-sick house!!  

I’ll blog next week–updates on my health –but also some fun stuff too!

Snow 2009

March 3, 2009

img_12051 SNOW 2009

  We enjoyed the beautiful snow this week!  We were at small group on Sunday when it started to snow.  The kids were so excited about driving home in the snow!  When we got home, they thought it was way cool that we let them play (for just a few minutes) in the dark!  

On Monday, we built the snowman.  Luke got dressed and undressed about 8 times!  And we loved being out of school.  Enjoy the pictures!!



img_1208      img_1210