As our kids grow and change, it is fun (and a privilege) to see who they are becoming. Here are a few snipets– one priceless, one enlightening, and one dead-on.  You decide which is which…



We’re trying to get used to a 9-year old world. I begin this conversation looking in her drawers for some clothes to lay out for the next day:

  Me :  “Bailey, do you mind that these jeans have a hole in one knee?”

Bailey:  “Mom, that hole makes these jeans awesome!”




Our (school) morning routine begins when Christopher (age 7) comes in our bed at 5:45 am when his alarm goes off. He snuggles with us until 6:00 when we have to get up.  One day last week, he came in and this is the conversation we had (this was after we learned that I need chemotherapy again):

Christopher:  “Mommy, do you have to go through the whole hair thing again?”

Me:  “Yes”  

Christopher (said kind of slow and quiet):  “Oh mom, I am so sorry.”

It was so heartfelt and such a precious moment.  I told him that we all know that I did it once and I can do it again!


img_0673  An excerpt from Luke’s preschool conference form: (now my blogging friends will get a peek into what Luke is really like–at least it’s a comfort to us knowing his teachers really know him!)

“…Luke is an independent thinker with a kind heart and a wonderful exuberance for life- (which sometimes gets a bit too loud in the class, but he is always respectful of our wishes and tries to tone it down.)”



And finally:  GO HEELS!!



2 Responses to “Conversations”

  1. sherrie cockram Says:

    Your family is awsome! I do enjoy reading about you all.

  2. Catherine Says:

    Precious Luke!! All three are precious!!

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