Update 3/24/09


March 24, 2009
Hello Friends and Family–
Jerel and I met with my surgeon today for a post-op visit (from my surgery on 3/12) and to get the pathology report from that surgery.  He took out a very large area under my arm and around the posterior pectoral (back) area.  Of these two areas, the first (under the arm) came back with the posterior margin still involved.  But we feel OK about that since the second area was the posterior side–this area also came back showing cancer extending to the margins.  

This is not the news we wanted to hear.  However, my surgeon said that whatever is left in there has got to be microscopic.  He said he took everything out that looked worrisome, suspicious, and basically all the tissue–he said what’s left is just muscle, nerves and veins.  So, he and my Radiation Oncologist feel confident that radiation to this area will “zap” the small amount of cancer remaining.   I will most likely go through chemotherapy before radation–because the chemo will treat the whole body and treat any cells that may or may not be floating out there!  After 4-6 sessions (probably every 3 weeks) of chemotherapy,  I will then do radiation.  

My surgeon is taking my case back to the Breast Forum this Friday morning.  This is the same group that met a month ago to discuss my case.  My Medical Oncologist (chemo guy) and Radiation Oncologist are a part of this board (as well as several other oncologists, surgical oncologists, etc.), so it is great that they will all be in one room discussing me.

We meet with my medical oncologist next Tuesday to decide for sure about chemo (what kind this time, when, how often, etc).  (We are actually going to call tomorrow and request to be worked in this Friday so he will be fresh from the forum to fill us in!)  Either way, at least by Tuesday the 31st, we will have a plan to attack this thing and GET IT all this time around.  

God has really given us a peace about this…Jerel and I both feel OK with this and confident that the chemo and radiation will work and that we have a great team of doctors on our side… pray that doubt and fear will not set in.  

We’ll update you again next week when we know the plan of action.
Lots of love,
Susan Law


5 Responses to “Update 3/24/09”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Susan, sorry we couldn’t talk longer today – Chad was very appreciate of your help! We’ll be praying for you!

  2. Sunny Green Says:

    Oh, Susan. Not what any of us wanted to hear. You are such a good chearleader for your support team. I pray God would give you peace as you hunker down for the next exhausting phase of this battle. I was thinking of the verse from the hymn “O love that Wilt Not let me Go” that says, “O Joy that seekest me through pain, I yield my flickering torch to Thee. I chase the sorrow through the rain and feel the promise is not vain that mourn shall tearless be.” All our love and prayers, sunny

  3. hdooley Says:

    I still feel like I am in disbelief! I cannot imagine all the emotions you are going through each day, even every moment. The way you have responded to all of this Susan is an inspiration to me. The Lord is using you to impact those around you! You are a true woman of God and I am honored to call you my friend.

  4. Katie Hartline Says:

    You are an inspiration Susan. You, Jerel and your family are in my prayers constantly. I pray you were able to get in to see Dr. Boyd today when he was fresh from the forum! xoxo Katie

  5. Ellen Verhaagen Says:

    Susan: Jimmy announced in “big church” at CAC about the cancer’s return, so I went to your blog and read it from first to last. You’ve been heavy on my heart so I’ve been lifting you up to Jesus. What a stinky path He has you walkin’!!

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