Update 4/1/09

Hello! This is what Jerel sent out last night.  I will write more later on here…but wanted to get this out quick. 

March 31, 2009

Hello Friends and Family–

We met with Susan’s medical oncologist, Dr. Boyd, today to get his assessment of her and his recommended course of action over the upcoming weeks and months.  The headline here is that Susan is going to start chemotherapy TOMORROW, Apr 1 (boy, do we wish this was an April Fool’s joke…).  We knew that she would likely be doing chemo next, but we didn’t realize that meant tomorrow.  A few things got our doctor to this point: 1) discussing Susan’s case again last Friday at the Breast Cancer Forum with a dozen or so other surgeons, oncologists, and other specialists; 2) knowing that the pathology of the margins of the last area removed were not totally clear; and 3) seeing a very recent increased soreness and redness in the breast, caused him to want to waste no time getting her on this next regimen of chemo drugs.

One cycle of chemo will consist of 3 weeks in a row (one day each of those weeks) of treatment, followed by one week off.  For sure she will have 4 of those cycles, and possibly 6, or more.  There are a few tests along the way that will tell us if things are working as they should.  We will keep you posted along the way as we get more info.

Please continue to pray for Susan and her healing, as well as for her peace in the middle of this trial.  We know God is in control, but the truth is we really wish He would do this one a little differently.  But we also know that we don’t get to choose the road we walk down, just how we walk it.  So we are asking for prayers for boldness, courage, and peace in the middle of this.

Thanks for how you support and love Susan and our family!  None of us could do this without you.

Much love,

Jerel Law


One Response to “Update 4/1/09”

  1. Katie Hartline Says:

    Susan and family,
    I am holding you up in prayer and thinking of each of you.

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