Basketball, Chemo, Disney…

Well, I started chemo again this week.  It’s weird, my first day of chemo last year was April 2, and this year it was April 1.  Next April–I hope I’m doing something else!!  The medicines I’m on this time around are supposed to be easier on me than last year’s.  So far, I feel better than I did last year. It’s weird how these drugs can kick in–but we’re hoping that I do well.  One good thing is that I am only on one anti-nausea drug for 2 days afterwards.  Last year, I was on 3 anti-nausea drugs and steroids for 5 days, and I felt terrible! I will go back next week on Thursday.   Now, on to more fun things…

If you have been around me the past few years, you know that I’ve wanted to take my kids to Disney World for a long time.  I was always just waiting to have enough money (do you ever?)— well, for the past year and a half, I’ve saved some money from my part time job (monogramming items for my neighbor’s business)–and Jerel has saved some and we have some money kicked in from family.  (Does it take a village to afford Disney World? YES!)  My mom and dad gave us Marriott points for our hotel, so we planned a trip for Spring Break. Ironically, we planned it for April knowing I would be done with all my treatments. Little did we know that I would begin chemo the week of our trip!  But we are not letting that get us down!  I can be very stubborn when I want to be –so we headed out today (Friday) and we’re driving half way.  Then, Saturday we’re arriving in Orlando.  Because we’re not sure how I will be feeling,we’ve made a few adjustments to our trip…instead of doing 5-day pass, we are going to parks 2 days and then hang out at the hotel or explore more “laid-back”things (like riding the monorail) on the other days. Our kids are super-excited. We will take LOTS of pictures–so look for post about Disney World sometime after Easter.

While we’re gone, UNC will win the National Championship. Ha ha, I know I probably just jinxed us. (Is jinxed really a word?)—Jerel and I will definitely find a good TV to watch the games on.  Our kids are really loving Carolina Basketball right now. Here is a picture of what they wore to church on the day Carolina played beat Duke back in March.   It was probably a little obnoxious, but really fun!  I’m glad we have a church that we can come as we are!!


 Bailey (9), Christopher (7) and Luke (4) were so proud that day!  And that was before we even beat Duke!

I came in the house a couple of weeks ago and saw Jerel with the kids lined up on the couch.  He was showing them something and I realized that he was giving them their first lesson in “Bracketology”– so I grabbed my camera.  He was attempting to explain the NCAA Tournament to them.  They all were interested (Luke was faking interest I’m sure)–but Bailey and Christopher thought it was all very cool. Christopher even asked us to print out a bracket for him and he filled his in.  Not sure what his criteria was for choosing a winner–but he has UNC and UConn in the finals!  Here a couple of pictures to enjoy.  GO HEELS!!  



3 Responses to “Basketball, Chemo, Disney…”

  1. Chris Toomer Says:

    Susan, hope you and the family have a great trip to Disney and back and yes LET’S GO HEELS!!!!! Also, My Dawn and I are praying for you as you go through Chemo again. You can beat this thing into submission. 🙂

    Take care,

  2. Marilyn Nutter Says:

    Have a wonderful time!!!!! Praying for you!

  3. Robin Says:

    Hi Susan, have a wonderful time at Disney. We’ll be praying for your time there together – also, continuing to pray for all that you are walking through.

    Love you!

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