Update 4/30/09

For those of you not on my update list, here is the latest health update.

April 30, 2009
Hello Family and Friends–

Wow! Has it really been a month since we last updated everyone?  I guess that’s because I’ve been feeling good!  I went this morning to see Dr Boyd (my medical oncologist).  Jerel and I felt really good after talking with him.  He thinks that I’m handling the chemo and effects really well.  He sees improvement (about 2/3 of the redness is gone…which is good).  We really don’t have a good measuring tool yet—he will do a tumor marker test in a few weeks ( to compare to last month’s number)–and also a scan at the end of 6 treatments.  But it’s a little hard to tell exactly how I’m responding ( last year, he actually got out a measuring tape and measured the tumor….but this year , there’s no tumor mass to measure).  So, that is good and bad–I like to see results!!   But Jerel and I are both constantly learning that we have to patient and “wait on the Lord”– and having to be ok with NOT being in control.

I was supposed to receive my “big day”of chemo today after meeting with Dr. Boyd.  (I say big day because once a month, I get all 3 drugs).  So, I got settled in my “favorite chair”–it’s the corner recliner that so far this time, I’ve gotten all 4 times.  (you have to look for positives anywhere!)—but when they took my blood -like they do everytime….my white blood cell count was too low to receive the chemo today.  My hemoglobin is also low (and has been, but it’s not lower than last time).  Anyway, Dr. Boyd wants to delay the treatment for one week. So, hopefully next Thursday, my white count will be up and I can get the chemo.  We were a little disappointed, because in a weird way, getting the chemo in the body is a peace of mind thing– but Dr. Boyd said that because the count is really low–it means my body is still processing the treatments I’ve had–so it’s still at work!

So, now I’ve got another week to hopefully build my count up–there’s nothing I can do about it.  I asked about resting…eating better….maybe even some shopping (no, i didn’t really ask that)—but it just needs to bounce back on its own.  There is a shot I can get (if I continue to have trouble) that will help with the counts.  I just need to stay away from crowds, keep my hands clean and pray! 

Please continue to pray for us.  So many of you have us on your church prayer list, and we are so thankful and appreciate every single prayer lifted up.  My sister-in-law (and her friends) got together and gave me a devotion book (among other awesome gifts!!)–it’s called “Streams in the Desert”–my mom has a 70 year old edition and has always talked about it.  The version I have is a newer edition–but it has been SO great…I hope to share some things from it in my next update.  But it has been very helpful in this physical, emotional and mental battle.

Love to you all–especially a happy birthday to my sister, Dana–


2 Responses to “Update 4/30/09”

  1. Liz Reiner Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers…thinking of you and praying the Lord will heal you so quickly…If you all need anything please do not hesitate to call. 704-947-1898

  2. jesalyndavenport Says:

    Hi, Susan! Thank you so much for keeping updates going as we all like to know them. I think about you all the time but never know how to ask how you are “really” doing. I’m glad I can come to YOUR blog and get YOUR side of the story. As I read them, I feel like I can hear you say it aloud with your low, calm voice of yours! Keep it up when you feel the need…Either way, you’re thought about and prayed for daily! We love you!

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