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Random Thoughts…

May 27, 2009

After a brief break from blogging, I’m back!  May has turned into a month-long celebration… wow!  Here are a few of my random thoughts that I should have been blogging about–but instead I have been “living” all of this!  Here we go… (in no particular order)

***I miss American Idol!  I am really glad Kris won and can’t wait to see all he does.  I do have to admit that Adam probably had the better “vocals”–but who wants to hear all that screaming?  Jerel says he should be the new lead singer of Queen- which would probably be a great place for him.  

**Our kids have been into singing and dancing lately.  They have “dance parties” in Bailey’s room.  They are getting quite good!  Bailey sings–mostly to Hannah Montana,Demi Levato and Taylor Swift. (since when did she grow up?)  Christopher’s style is much like break-dancing.  He is very serious about it and comes up with all kinds of moves.  Luke kind of imitates Christopher, but Luke is in search of a laugh. Anything for a laugh.

**Speaking of growing up, Bailey has a consultation with an orthodontist next week!!  Seriously, she really was born like yesterday.

**10 more days of school.  Then, summer!  I am really looking forward to this summer.  We are going to be at the pool a ton… and just enjoy time together!  (ask me again in late july…)

**I LOVE having the busstop at our house.  I forget that some people actually have to walk down the street!  Or worse, take preschool children out of bed to go to a busstop–or drive in the rain to the busstop.  I love ours!  CMS, please don’t change our stop.

**We went camping last Friday night with our friends, the Sabbaghs.  Our 6 kids had a blast– I’ll post some pictures with details later…but we did learn that a 4 person tent really does mean 4 people-not 5.  

**I hear some changes are in store for us at Connection Church. I know several of “the guys” have been working hard on some stuff over there.  Thanks for all the time, energy that you guys invest.  Every light change, chair setup, etc.  will impact a life for Christ.  

**Swimteam started this week.  That means every afternoon at 4:30, we have practice.  I am very proud at how hard Bailey and Christopher are working.  Swimming is hard work– I am so glad that they are doing it…great exercise and great time with friends too.  

**I go every Tuesday (and sometimes Thursday–but right now my Thursdays are usually full of doctors offices)  to an exercise group for cancer survivors.  (Did you know that you’re called a survivor from the day of your diagnosis?)  I have met so many wonderful people there.  Everyone there has such a positive attitude….we often wonder if nice, positive people get cancer or if people get nice and positive once they are diagnosed.  🙂   

**My friend, Laura (from the exercise group) came to sit with me during chemo last week.  She brought me the BEST lunch and some awesome magazines and books.  Thanks Laura!

**Speaking of chemo, I have finished 2 cycles of 6.  (Each cycle is once a week for 3 weeks straight.) I am tolerating it much better than last year.  These drugs don’t seem to be as hard on me.  Keep praying for me…. we don’t know anything yet….I do have a blood test tomorrow to see what my ‘tumor marker’ number is.  But no real indication of how well the chemo is working yet.  

**Jerel is awesome!  He has been working so hard in our house.  He recently finished the WHOLE downstairs with hardwood floors.  They look awesome… now he is on to painting.  It is really difficult to choose colors.  He is buying our 3rd sample can of different “taupes” today…..  He is very patient and such a hard worker—thanks for making our home beautiful Jerel!

**I love Panera!

**Christopher was chosen from his school to have art displayed at Spirit Square during the month of May.  We went to a reception there–and were very proud of our artist!  His art was a self-portrait–the hair was awesome!

**Most of our TV shows are over— Prison Break, A. Idol, Survivor–guess we’ll have to watch Jon and Kate.  (along with all the other millions now!)—Their story is very sad.  I remember the early days of Jon and Kate— such a cool couple.  Yes, she was a bit bossy and overbearing, but he seemed to say that was “just kate”–now, they just seem DONE with each other.  very. sad.

**Last week was Jerel and my 14th anniversary.  I made a chocolate pie for our family that afternoon.  It just seemed to NEVER finish cooking.  We were all anxiously waiting for the pie–finally I took it out of the oven (after an hour!) and it was mush.  I couldn’t explain it…so I looked at the recipe again…. and realized I forgot the eggs. So, if you’ve ever wondered “do you really need eggs in a pie?” the answer is YES…unless you want mush.  So, we went to the Fresh Market and bought THE BEST cheesecake ($7 for a 6 inch chocolate cheesecake) and their chocolate sauce.  You have to have dessert on your anniversary, right?  It was awesome.  The Fresh Market rocks— I could have walked around there all night.  

That’s it for now.  I promise to be a better blogger in the coming weeks.


14 Years!

May 20, 2009


Happy 14th Anniversary Jerel!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been married fourteen years!!  

Thanks for being such a wonderful husband to live life with.  You are amazing… I love you!

Happy Birthday Dana!

May 6, 2009

dsc00260 Happy Birthday to my sister, Dana.  Her actual birthday was last week, so this post is a little  late!

My kids think that “Aunt Dana Rocks!”  Dana lives in Hawaii, so we don’t get to see her as much as we’d like….but visits from Dana are always fun!!



Here is what my kids say they LOVE about Aunt Dana:

Bailey (9 yr. old)

“I love that she is so fun!”

“I love that she encourages us to get along.”

“I love when she calls me Sparky!!”

“I love to go to Hilton Head with her.”

“I love when she does the funny laugh–like the man from Hawaii!”

Christopher (7 yr. old)

“I love that she is really funny”

“I love when she brings us cool snacks from Hawaii”

“I love when she has sleepovers with us and when she does the ‘chin’ thing”

“I love when she takes us on shopping sprees”

“I love to play the wii with her”

Luke (4 yr. old)

“I love when she calls me Babycakes”

“I loved when she gave me that Luke Skywalker toy”

“I love to snuggle with her in the morning”

“I love the funny laugh too!”