Random Thoughts 6-16-09

****Summer has officially begun at our house because the kids are home from school.   Last Wednesday was Bailey and Christopher’s last day–and they  are happy to be at home– and Luke is very glad his brother and sister are home too!   We have been busy with swim team –our first swim meet was last night.  B and C did a great job…we were so proud of them…swimming is hard work!! It brought back lots of fun memories for me of when I was a kid on the swim team.  I’ll take pictures at a meet soon….and I’ll post them later.

***Summer time also brings lots of time to ride bikes and scooters.  Our kids like to have “Shows” outside on the driveway.  Here are two pictures from our most recent show.  Notice one picture has Luke doing a “trick” –they like to see what kind of cool things they can do.



***I mentioned Christopher’s art work at Spirit Square in the month of May. Here is a picture from that.  He was so proud of his self-portrait.


***Update on Bailey’s orthodontist visit–she is going to get braces this summer…but only on her front 4 top teeth…so it shouldn’t be too bad.  She is growing up so fast.  I mistakenly called her “ipod” a “walkman” yesterday–and she had NO idea what I was talking about!    Here is a picture of her at her Horse Show in May.  She loves riding horses…..



*** We are getting ready (and packing) for a trip to Raleigh this week to celebrate Jerel’s parents’ 50th Anniversary.  Jerel’s sister, Amy, is hosting a party at her house for the family and a few of their parents’ friends.  We are looking forward to it!  Charles and Camilla are wonderful– HEre are what my kids have to say about the

Luke… “I like them when they let me ride in their car and they always let me play with their toys. G-G reads me a story a night and Caca likes to play with me.”

Christopher… “Caca and GG are really nice and they take us lots of places so we can have fun.  I really like Caca’s cake and she likes to play games with me like that basketball game and constructo straws.  She gets down on the floor to play with me… I like that.  I like when GG catches fish and tells me about them.  I like the story about the stingray.  They get great presents for us!”

Bailey… “I like when Caca makes cakes and desserts–she is the best cook.   I like going to their house and seeing our cousins.  I love the tire swing that GG put up in their yard.  I like to go to the beach with them. I liked “Caca Camp”–it was so fun.”

Happy Anniversary!



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