Quick Update 7/20/09

Hello Friends and Family!











We are back from the beach and had a great week at Ocean Isle.  (I promise to post more pictures later…)  I did want to let you know that we heard from my Oncologist on Tuesday while we were at the beach.  They got back the CT Scan and it was “normal”!  This means that there was no evidence of cancer in the area under my arm (where my lymph nodes were).  This was the area of concern back in March when I had the 2 surgeries.  So, this is VERY good news.  The other GREAT thing is that the CT would have showed if the cancer had spread to any organs (liver, lungs, etc) and they were normal!  I am having a PET scan this Friday which will show more detail (possibly some stuff the CT couldn’t pick up–but also possibly nothing!!) under my arm as well as the breast area.  I will meet with my Oncologist on Monday, the 27th to discuss the PET scan results and where we go from here.   

THANK YOU for all your prayers during the past week-keep praying!  I’ll update again next week after meeting with my doctor.

Lots of Love,



7 Responses to “Quick Update 7/20/09”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Susan…so glad to hear the great news! I will pray that the PET scan is just as positive!

  2. Kara Says:

    YAY!!!! Claudia and I were asking each other today if the other had heard any kind of update lately! Praise the Lord for an excellent report! 😀

  3. Lisa Rogers Says:

    Susan, this is such WONDERFUL news. I wish I could give you a huge hug right now. I will continue to pray for you, and I’m looking forward to hearing the news of a clear PET scan! Love you!

  4. Lane Says:

    Praise the Lord!! How awesome that you received a great report while on vacation! We are rejoicing with you and praying.

  5. Het Says:

    Hallelujah!!! What an awesome God we serve!! So, so, so happy for you! Thanks for sharing the news.

  6. Sue Uibel Says:

    Susan –what WONDERFUL news — thank you, GOD! We’ve been praying in FAITH — BELIEVING…sure is great to hear the report. You can be sure we’ll keep on praying — love to you and your family!

  7. Cammie Howard Says:

    Susan-That is wonderful news!!!! I am so happy for you! Praise the Lord! Glad you all had fun at the beach!

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