Update 7-27-09

Hello Friends and Family,

We have just returned home from my visit with my Oncologist.  We got GREAT news today!  The PET scan (which I had on Friday) came back “normal”–with no evidence of cancer tissue!!  The two areas of concern came back fine– 1. the area under the arm–the PET scan confirmed a “seroma” area–which is fluid buildup from my surgeries.  but the area was inactive–showing no cancer tissue.  and 2. the right breast showed a few slight issues due to radiation.  So, THAT we can deal with!!  

Obviously, we are thrilled with this news.  Where do we go from here?  We will finish out the chemotherapy (2 more cycles of 3 weeks).  From what I understand, it’s kind of like an antibiotic, you don’t just quit taking it when the symptoms go away–you finish the course.  So, I will finish–with my LAST day being September 9.  (S0, hopefully around November, we’ll start seeing more hair on my head!!) 

I will also go back to my surgeon probably in October to have this fluid area under my arm drained.  THANK you for ALL the prayers.  We felt them and LOVED knowing/feeling all the support and love.  We are so thankful to God-the giver of every breath. 

Lots of love,



2 Responses to “Update 7-27-09”

  1. Jimazing Says:

    Susan (and family) I am so glad for you and thankful for the positive results!

  2. hdooley Says:

    Nick read this post to me from his phone the day you sent the email. It was cute because he did a fist pump in the air and I got tears in my eyes. Praise God for a good report! We love you Laws and celebrate the awesome news!!!

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