Story # 1/7 : Random Acts at B & N

Hello !  I have decided that over the next 7 days, I’m going to post 7 blogs about my experiences in the past year with cancer.  I never wanted to be one of those people who  talks about it constantly– I really had a strong need to remain normal, talk about normal things, etc.  But, now I think I’m ready to share some of my stories–most are funny or meaningful.  Do I think everyone wants to read these?  NO… and that’s OK, so just don’t visit this blog if you don’t want to read it!  🙂  I am mainly doing it to have a log (I have been terrible about journaling…actually terrible is not the right word, because that would imply that i’ve done it some but just not well…. i haven’t journaled at all—so this is a great place for my collection of thoughts!) And if I can help someone along the way–then that’s great!

Here we go:  # 1 of 7


Last year (during my first round of chemotherapy), I found myself struggling on Day 6 of each treatment.  (The treatment itself was only 1 day, followed by 5 days of intense anti-nausea drugs and steroids.) So, on Day 6 my body was re-adjusting and having a hard time at that!  But also on Day 6–it happened 4 times that Day 6 was the day our house-cleaners were coming.  (Thanks to a bunch of my friends who collected money to pay for that!)  Since I felt like I needed to get out of the house, my mom would come up and help me get the kids (summer time) and we’d go “out” for a few hours.  

Invariably, we’d end up at Barnes and Noble.  (quiet place with A/C, plenty to do and look at)  One visit, Bailey (8 yrs. old at the time) and I headed up to the cafe area and sat down, read some magazines and chatted, leaving my mom (70 yrs) with Christopher (6) and Luke (3) in the bookstore.  After about an hour, my mom comes up to Bailey and me and says* we must be deaf and out of it (deaf-no, out of it-yes).  She said 5 minutes ago, over the loud speaker, they announced that a 3 yr. old boy was missing–he was wearing a light blue T-shirt and has a Carolina tarheel painted on his face.  (Yes, that was Luke and they found him  wondering around the store)  —for the point of this story, keep reading…

On another day 6, we find ourselves back at B & N… this time, not feeling so great.  We’re in the kids’ section–by the train…you know.  Now picture the corner, in our  B & N, there are “activity books”— I go sit down on the floor–I ‘m feeling I’m really going to pass out.  So, I lay down…my mom gets some wet paper towels from the bathroom–and I’m just thinking “Come on Susan, you can do this, you can make it out of this store without a scene.”— (btw, I wasn’t too worried physically, because I knew by now that after a few hours of this, my body would be fine….I just needed to make it home!)

So my mom says she’s going to get the car, for me to stay there–and she’ll come get me.  She takes Luke, Christopher stays with me.  Being the (somewhat**) stubborn person that I am, I decide that I can make it to the door, so I tell Christopher to come with me.  I would never want to see a video of this, because I know how I looked… pale, hanging my head down so I won’t faint..I only make it about 1/2 way to the middle…I tell Christopher we have to stop at “this aisle”– I lay down IN THE FLOOR–and tell him to look at “these books”–having NO idea what section we’re in–still don’t.***  Pretty soon, my mom and Luke find us–and we stay there for like 30 minutes–seriously, that’s a long time!!  About 5 minutes into my “rest”– a really nice mom comes along (with a 2 year old)–and says she bought this bottle of water for us at the cafe, it’s unopened and wrapped in a napkin.  It’s one of those “Fiji” waters–they are the prettiest water bottles I’ve ever seen (if you don’t know them, go to sometime).  She quickly gave it to us, said she hoped I was alright and left.  I don’t know her name, I didn’t even see her face.  I wish I could thank her.  Seriously, she was an angel to us.  Do you know how hard it is to have a 2 year old at Barnes and Noble (see above story about Luke)— what a pain it must have been to gather him up–probably screaming to stay at the train, go the cafe section… wait in line, spend MONEY–all for someone you don’t even know.  That said so much to me…  It said…look around you…people are in need!  Take a second to notice those needs and do what you can to help.  Don’t ask if they need help–just do it!   So, to the girl at B & N, THANK YOU ! And to you readers, consider it a challenge–find someone who needs you and respond!  

* in a nice way

**OK, very

*** I need to go back to that aisle and see where we were!


One Response to “Story # 1/7 : Random Acts at B & N”

  1. Martha Deaton Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how God can encourage and bless with just a bottle of water?

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