Summer Fun

Hello!  I wrote on Friday that I would do 7 blog-posts in 7 days.  I have realized that that is not realistic for me.  I’m taking a break (to resume tomorrow) from the 7 Stories/Experiences.  Here are some pictures of our FUN summer!!



We had Carowinds Season Passes this year.  Our kids really enjoyed going there–we had never taken them before this summer.  Bailey and Christopher are roller-coaster-fans….this is of Luke on one of the Nickelodean rides.  He will ride everything he is tall enough for.  Where did all these brave kiddos come from?








Our neighborhood had a 4th of July parade.  It started at our pool parking lot, went around a circle of streets, then came back.  The kids decorated their scooters and bikes with red, white and blue stuff.  They loved it.  








Toward the end of the summer, on one of those hot days, we decided to build all the puzzles that we have.  It covered our foyer.  I went upstairs and took their picture from above. 



IMG_1759  Sewing!  Bailey learned the basics in Brownies last year (Thanks Lauri and Amy!)–and this summer, she decided to make some clothes for her dolls.  Bailey is very creative.  She even taught Christopher how to do it.  He liked it, but not as much.  I think Christopher is looking forward to repairing a rip in one of Jerel’s pairs of shorts!






A friend I’ve known my whole life sent me flowers this summer (Thanks Jenni!)—They made my day!  They were so beautiful.  Friendship that lasts through the years is a wonderful thing.  


Tomorrow, I’ll be back with Story # 3 of 7.  🙂


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