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Carolina Blue

September 11, 2009

Here is Christoher’s new cast.  He will have it on 3 more weeks….then they will take off the top half and leave the wrist cast on 2 more weeks.  He is handling it SO well— we are so proud of him and of course, he chose CAROLINA BLUE for his cast!  




September 3, 2009

I interrupt the scheduled 7 blogs—to tell you that I’ve been very slack!  I will never again try to do 7 in 7 days.  You just never know what each day will bring.  This past Tuesday at 5:00 ( 30 minutes before leaving for basketball practice), Christopher (our 7 yr. old) climbed the tree in our front yard to “do some advertising” for their lemonade stand.  (He was planning on waving in cars from the tree)—

I was inside and heard screaming.  He had fallen out  of tree and was screaming that he broke his arm.  I was hoping he was wrong, but just one look told me that he SO broke it.  We all piled into the van and headed to the hospital ER.  After lots of morphine, x-rays, discussions with doctors, taking Bailey and Luke to a friend’s house (thanks June!)–Christopher ended up having surgery at 10:00 that night to set his wrist and put 3 pins in his elbow!  He stayed over night (and Jerel did too!)–and came home on Wednesday.  He is doing pretty well…but is having a hard time adjusting to his cast… he is still in some pain –not eating normal (for him)—he has slept a lot, played lots of games, one handed wii, and enjoyed all the visitors we had on Wednesday.  (He felt very loved!)

So, he will stay home again tomorrow–then we’ll have a long weekend and he’ll go back to school on Tuesday.  I’ll resume blogging sometime over the next few days.