Update 10-8-09

Hello Bloggers!  OK, I am so slack at writing new posts.  When Christopher broke his arm (back on Sept. 1)– it threw everything off –and then we really got full swing into school, piano, soccer, etc.  We went to Hilton Head (maybe worth another blog post soon!), went to a U2 concert (amazing-another good blog post!!)– and Dana was in town….so we’ve been having FUN!  No blog posts usually means we are busy having fun.  🙂

I did go to Dr. Boyd, my oncologist today.  I finished up my 6 round of chemotherapy 2 weeks ago and was thrilled to be done with that.  The lastest PET Scan (in July) showed no evidence of cancer–so have been feeling good about that.  I went last week to have a blood test (a Tumor Marker study)—my number was going up back in the summer… 40s, 50s,60s… and I haven’t had a tumor marker test in a few months.  So, I got the results back today that my number is going down…it’s 42.  I cried when they told us that (in a good way) because I was worried about the possibility of it being way up and us not knowing why.  BUT, Dr. Boyd would really like my number to be less than 35–then it would be considered normal.  So, I’m thinking 42 and 35 are REALLY close to each other, right?  (And yes, we do know that this test is not always accurate..but we have no other way to measure anything going on in me— I have no real tumor–which is good!)

But No, he told us that he would like to consider doing more chemotherapy to work on getting that # down to normal.  So, I started to cry again.  And actually, I DO know I can handle more chemo and I know I can do it— I’m actually feeling pretty strong and feeling like a fighter again…. but I told him just the thought that he thinks I NEED it is what makes me sad.  We talked about different options– a pill form of chemo or to keep on the same regimen I’ve been on.  What we decided is that for now I will go get this fluid drained from my last surgery site (under my arm)—so I”ll see my surgeon next week to do that.  Then, in 3 weeks Dr. Boyd wants to take another tumor marker…and see if the fluid reduction will affect that #–and decide which way to go after that.  

All in all, I was very happy today to know that my # is not way up!!  But a little disappointed that he thinks it necessary to continue treatment.  So, we’ll just see how it goes.  I am very happy to have a month off!  Our family is going to “Camp Phoenix” this weekend at Camp Thunderbird with other cancer survivors.  It’s a weekend sponsored by Presbyterian Hospital and the Buddy Kemp Caring House.  We will stay in a cabin and they have all kinds of activities for us (canoeing, zip lines, crafts, family games) and they feed us.  My kids are really looking forward to it!  It will be fun to stay in a cabin all together and have some family time.  I really want my kids to not fear this whole cancer thing– we’ve got to be okay talking about it and living with it.  So, things like this help us.  Then, in 2 weeks, Jerel and I are escaping to the beach–just the two of us.  Thanks to my friend and former Youth Minister, Don Brock–who put this together for us!  

Pray for us–pray that my surgeon will be able to drain enough fluid that some of my swelling will go down and maybe alleviate some pressure building up. Also, that that # will go DOWN!  We want to see it in the 30s!  During the last month, I have started reading the Bible straight through.  (I’ve NEVER done the whole thing!)– I’m in Deuteronomy right now… and I’ve been amazed the past few weeks at how much God rescues His people, and He responds to their cries for help.    

I’ll take lots of pictures at the camp this weekend, so I can post those next week.  Thanks for keeping on checking on me.  Lots of you have asked about me and that’s why I go into this much detail (about the numbers and stuff!).

LOTS of love,



2 Responses to “Update 10-8-09”

  1. hdooley Says:

    Yay!! I have been waiting for a blog post from you. Thank you for the update, complete with details. I am glad you had good news with the number going down but understand your mixed emotions with the possibility of more chemo. All I can say, is you are covered by our prayers in this house- the kids even pray for you regularly at night. The camp you guys are going to sounds like a blast. So glad there are opportunities for cancer survivors and their families to celebrate one another and be together. I love you and am thankful for you!

  2. Frank Stone Says:

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

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