Happy Birthday Christopher!

Eight years ago today, Christopher was born and the dr. said “it’s a boy!” just like in the books/movies.   I was shocked!  This post is dedicated to our 8 yr. old Christopher–a child who has brought so much joy into our family.  He is also our child who has a very strong-will  and we’ve had to “discipline” him more– (but for us it’s been an inside peek at God’s love for US–we are loved ALL THE TIME and God is crazy about us! )   About a month ago when I was writing his “lunch box note”, I put 9 words that described him and he LOVED that so much that he saved that note in the pocket of his lunch box….so here are some adjectives that describe this precious boy:

sweet          funny          smart

brave          creative       loved!

caring         inventive    handsome

FUN!           kind            determined

strong-willed                 persistent

artistic         compassionate    loving

Enjoy the pictures.  The first one is of course from November 2001 when he was born: 


This is his first birthday.  He had the coolest “train” cake but he was sick this day and didn’t even care!!

Here he is at 2.  Bailey liked this picture because she remembers sneaking M&Ms off his cake!!


His 3 yr. old birthday pictures are missing!  I looked and looked today and can’t find them.   He had a cool dinosaur cake and we had an outside party with tons of games–one of my favorite parties we’ve ever had.  Wouldn’t you know those pictures would be missing?  Here he is at 4 yr.  He had a  Rescue Hero Party. He is decorating his fire truck cake==notice his face…he banged his face on something before the party.  Boys will be boys:


Turning 5 was a Space Party.  


Turning 6 brought LEGOS and we’ve never looked back!  Turning 7 was also Legos and we’re having a birthday party tomorrow at the LEGO store– we should probably purchase some stock.  Here he is 6:


and at 7….  this is a Darth Vader Lego shirt.  He loves Star Wars and Legos, so it’s the perfect combination.  Like I said, tomorrow is his party at the Lego Store–his first “away from home party” -I’m sure I’ll post some pictures.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY!



One Response to “Happy Birthday Christopher!”

  1. Danielle Kragnes Murray Says:

    Dear Jerel and family,

    You don’t know me but I received your blog from my friend MaryGeneva, who you also don’t know, but I understand reached out to you as well earlier this week. I’m sure you know this already but I just wanted to let you know how inspirational your story is and what a wonderful family you have. I live around the corner from you in Highland Creek and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 at the age of 30. I saw Dr. Turk and Dr. Limentani. I started chemo the same day as Susan’s first recurrence, on April 1, 2009. I just finished reading Susan’s blog and wanted to pass along my well-wishes for your family. I have shed many tears this week reading your story and will keep your family in my prayers. I am leaving you this message on my favorite blog post of Susan’s. It’s the one sharing the lunch box note to Christopher. My mom used to leave notes in my lunch box when I was little too and while she is still alive, that is my most cherished childhood memory. I know Christopher will appreciate that forever.

    With love and prayers for your family, Danielle

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