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I love…

December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!   I am thinking about so many things I am thankful for—so I am calling this post “I love…” because, well–you’ll see…

(in no particular order…)

1.  I love my family!  Here is a picture of all my guys! It was taken before we went to church on Sunday.  They all wore their jackets–to dress up a bit because both boys were singing in church.  I’m a sucker for navy blazers…

2.  I love our new puppy!  We just got Molly yesterday. She is an 8-week old Goldendoodle.  So far, she is very sweet and very good!  The kids love her and so glad to finally have a pet!

3.  I love my new Merrell shoes that my mom just bought for me!  

4.   I love our Christmas tradition of decorating the Gingerbread House.  We just buy one of the kits, but we buy extra candy to go on it.  The kids absolutely love it—of course we eat some candy along the way!  Here is our one from this year—before and after…

5.  I love that Christopher drew the Nativity this year.  I told him I’m going to frame it–I’ll post that picture later —it is something I’ll treasure forever

6.   I love that Luke’s class did a Christmas Play.  Thank you to his teachers for having the patience for that!  14 four year olds!  Luke was a shepherd and it was another moment to treasure.  

7.  I love Chris Tomlin’s version of Joy to the World

8.  I love Christmas lights—I’m thankful to Jerel for talking me into adding color to ours this year!!

9.  I loved going to the Sabbaghs tonight to look at the crazy lights in their neighborhood. (crazy in a good way!)–and loved having hot chocolate and cookies with good friends!

10.  I love not having to wear my wig anymore—even though i don’t “love” my hair–I love knowing there’s WAY more important things in life than hair!!

11.  I LOVE that I have an 8 week break from my oncologist and that he says I have “no measurable disease!”

12.  I love those little Clementine oranges!

13.  I love living this life with Jerel–he is awesome and I am constantly amazed that he chose me!!


Update: 12/7/09

December 7, 2009


As many of you know, I have been waiting for over a week for some results from my Oncologist.  I had a blood test (called the Circulating Tumor)– a test I haven’t had before.  This test would give us some indication as to how many cancer cells are floating around in my body and according to Dr. Boyd, it’s a more reliable test than the “Tumor Marker” test that I’ve had before.   Last time I met with Dr. Boyd, he said he wanted my # to be less than 5 and he would feel good about that.

Well, they called today (at 5:00pm) to tell me that they heard back from the test and my number is ZERO!!  We are beyond thrilled with this news.  What all it means, I’m not exactly sure, I just know that zero  is the best possible news.  I will meet with Dr. Boyd next Wednesday (Dec. 16th) to discuss all that we know right now.  I am expecting to NOT need more chemo with this good news.   I will update on Dec. 16th.  

Until then, say a THANK YOU prayer tonight.  I told God yesterday (I’ve been praying kind of nonstop–cancer, I guess, does that to you!)—I was going down McCord Rd (my  neighbors know this) and the sun was setting-and said out loud “God, I will praise you if I get good results and I’ll praise you if I get bad results.”  I really had a strong conviction that my faith and trust in God is NOT dependent on the answers I get from him.  But I’m really happy that I get to praise him today for good results.  🙂

More later.  Happy Holidays–be thankful for what you have!

In Christ,



December 2, 2009

This post is dedicated to Bailey–she is growing up so much.  She will be 10 in a few months—and I am really enjoying this age.  She is still sweet and innocent, yet she’s funny and mature all at the same time!  Last week, she was in the Spelling Bee at her school.  She won the bee in her class first, then went to the school bee.  She’s on the back row w/ the blue shirt on.

Bailey is also very creative.  Tonight, we put all the ornaments on our tree (another post coming soon!)–and it was fun to look at all the ornaments she has made throughout the years.  She and Christopher went to the kitchen table and started making more ornaments tonight.  They pulled out a ton of art supplies–I love that!!  Last week, she made placecards for Thanksgiving to take to grandma’s house.  

This Friday is the Father/Daughter Dance at her school. It’s something Bailey and Jerel look forward to every year.  They usually go to Outback before the dance… then Jerel says that once she gets there, she and her friends always take off their shoes and just run all around!  I’ll post some pictures this weekend!