This post is dedicated to Bailey–she is growing up so much.  She will be 10 in a few months—and I am really enjoying this age.  She is still sweet and innocent, yet she’s funny and mature all at the same time!  Last week, she was in the Spelling Bee at her school.  She won the bee in her class first, then went to the school bee.  She’s on the back row w/ the blue shirt on.

Bailey is also very creative.  Tonight, we put all the ornaments on our tree (another post coming soon!)–and it was fun to look at all the ornaments she has made throughout the years.  She and Christopher went to the kitchen table and started making more ornaments tonight.  They pulled out a ton of art supplies–I love that!!  Last week, she made placecards for Thanksgiving to take to grandma’s house.  

This Friday is the Father/Daughter Dance at her school. It’s something Bailey and Jerel look forward to every year.  They usually go to Outback before the dance… then Jerel says that once she gets there, she and her friends always take off their shoes and just run all around!  I’ll post some pictures this weekend!


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