Why do we say that?

I was driving Luke to preschool this morning and he was singing a song…actually one of our meal-time blessings–, “Oh, the Lord’s been good to me and so I thank the Lord for giving me the things I need like the sun and the rain and the appleseed.  The Lord’s been good to me.”  It’s one of top 3 blessings at our meals–along with the Indiana-Jones version of God is Great, God is Good….and right up there with the “real” blessings said in our own words.

So, this morning, Luke stopped singing and here is our conversation:

Luke:  “Mom, why do we say that?”

Me:      “Say what?”

Luke:  “Why do we say ‘The Lord’s been good to me.’?”

Me:     “What do you mean Luke?  Of course we think God’s been good to us.”

Luke:  ” No, I mean–why don’t we say “The Lord’s been GREAT to me.”

So, then I started to cry and told him that that was the best thing I could ever hear him say.  I then had to explain that mommies have tears of joy a lot—and of course, he thought that was crazy.

But I am SO thankful that Luke has the attitude that YES, God has been GREAT to us…   To be honest, when I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, one of my fears was that my kids would struggle through this and I prayed that it would not affect their view of God or their love and zeal for Him and life.  So, this morning, when Luke said that, I felt such a peace that God is SO looking out for us and YES, he is GREAT to us.


3 Responses to “Why do we say that?”

  1. amy cunningham Says:

    What a great story. Thanks for sharing. Any time you guys want a place to stay in CO – we’d love to have you. We love visitors!


  2. amy Says:

    loved reading this… perfect way to end my day! I teared up, too, just thinking of him saying that. I love how you capture these precious moments in your blog.


  3. Angie Utesch Says:

    So glad you are home. I am officially signed up for your blog updates so I look forward to hearing more about this challenging and crazy and joyous journey God has you all on. Blessings to you…..

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