Happy Birthday Luke!!

Well,  our ‘baby’ turned five this weekend.  We had some serious Star Wars going on at our house!!   We had a Jedi-Training party on Saturday for Luke and 7 of his friends.  They were all so good—and we had such a good time.  Both sets of grandparents were able to come, so that was really special too!  Luke is growing so fast and is such a big boy now.  We played a game at dinner the night before his birthday –everyone was to say something they loved about Luke…..and all of us said something to do with being fun, funny, friendly, happy or joyful.  He has such a positive outlook on life and he loves God! Click here to see.

Here’s a picture of Luke the day before his birthday at preschool celebrating his birthday….

These are the Jedis-in-Training….

Jerel’s parents found the Jengo Fett costume (that we were unable to find for Christmas)–and he screamed for like 10 seconds when he opened it. Here he is with his outfit on and his Command Center:



One Response to “Happy Birthday Luke!!”

  1. amy Says:

    Love the picture of you guys all looking at Luke, smiling and Laughing…. he is a sweet boy! thanks for sharing.

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