My sister, Dana, is visiting this week from Hawaii!  My kids are so excited to see Dana and we have so much fun together.  This week will be filled with FUN–that’s just how Dana is.  I’ll blog about her visit after she leaves!


2 Responses to “DANA”

  1. LeAnne Says:

    I read your blog updates and am inspired by your strength. We have prayed for you many times here in Rock Hill. I am so excited about your news and pray that you remain cancer free.
    I loved seeing Dana’s picture this morning. Please tell her that I said hello. I have missed keeping up with her!!
    LeAnne (Schoonhagen) Gardner

  2. Brent Jones Says:


    I’ve heard about your health struggles from VERY FAR down the grapevine, but I know you’re in the able hands of our mighty God … no safer place to be in all the world!

    My immediate family has lived in Colorado Springs for the past 6-7 years, and I’ve been living just outside of Los Angeles for the past 7 years myself. I will pass along your blog’s URL to my sister, Carrie … she reminisces about FBC times with you often!

    Nice to see Dana’s pic and your lovely family …. don’t forget to give daily thanks for those blessings that you enjoy every day!

    All the best,


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