SNOW 2010

Wow!  We haven’t seen snow like this in years.  We have all loved this snow.  Some of my favorite memories of this snow:

1.  When it first started snowing on Friday,  it was so beautiful and it’s always fun to see the  joy and excitement in the kids’ faces when they see the snow

2.  Sledding in our neighborhood.  We went to “Hollingbourne Hill” and saw lots of friends there.  Jerel brought his old fashioned sled and it worked the best of anything!!  One time, Jerel got on his belly, then Christopher on top , then Luke on the very top. They made it all the way down–even over the speed bump.

3.  Taking naps, reading books, watching movies, playing the wii.  It’s always fun to stay in PJs for a while.  We’ve been having Mario Kart Time Trials for the different races….. I’m the only one in the house who hasn’t won a championship yet.

4.  FOOD!  Something about snow makes us all want to eat.  We made a cake today–with homemade chocolate icing.  It’s so yummy—everyone is happy when there’s a cake around!

5.  CHURCH!!  Church was cancelled today so we decided to have our own church service here.  We had the best soloists anywhere! Bailey and Christopher sang a song for us ‘Beautiful One’  it was awesome–they  learned that song from their time at Connection Church.  We read the Bible story of David being anointed as king.  David was the youngest brother and he was out tending sheep-yet he was chosen over all the other brothers. We talked about 1 Samuel 16:7…. “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  We had an awesome discussion about this with Bailey and Christopher.   Who says you need a church building?  🙂

6.  SNOW FORT—-Around 5:00 today, the kids decided to go into the front yard and build something.  Christopher had the idea of a snow fort-the original idea was to build a wall but it turned into so much more——this snow was awesome for this because we could pick up hugh slabs of snow/ice pretty easily.  All 3 kids (and me too!) worked really hard for the next hour. We definitely got our workout for the day— it turned into a fort/igloo.  The kids are so proud of it—we have big plans tomorrow to play in it. I wish this picture was better—-the fort goes almost all the way around.   Our hard work was rewarded when Jerel came home with McDonalds for the kids and Qdoba for me and him.  The snow fort will definitely be a memory for a long time!


3 Responses to “SNOW 2010”

  1. Lori Stepp Says:

    sounds like you had a fun couple of days. We are enjoying the snow here as well. I love your fort. We’ll have to try one of those tomorrow.

  2. carey Says:

    loved your post! great pix! Indeed it was a great Snow 2010!

  3. amy Says:

    love the family photo with the sled…. miss the Law family!!!

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