BAILEY-10 years old!

Happy Birthday to Bailey—I can’t believe she is 10 years old today.  Jerel and I feel so priviliged to be the parents of such a nice, kind, sweet, friendly, caring, smart, creative, wonderful ten year old girl!!  We love her more than she’ll ever know!!

Here are a few old pictures that I scanned today.  I’m not much of a scanner, so I did them all at one time.  The one with no neck is her 6 month old picture.  The one of her with a backpack is her first day of kindergarten.  I love that picture!!

Our day has started off great–with a candle in her breakfast—-donuts for her class…and dinner tonight with Grandmommy and Granddaddy!    On Saturday, we’ll have a party with 8 of her friends here at our house.  They are going to have a Talent Show. I’m sure I’ll post some pictures!!


One Response to “BAILEY-10 years old!”

  1. Beth A Says:

    Happy birthday to Bailey from us!
    And, I have to tell you that I made that same princess castle cake (in a pic above) for Emma’s bd one year. Yours looks much better than mine turned out. It was quite an endeavor! 🙂

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