Update 3/2/10

Below is a copy of an email we sent out earlier this evening.

Hello Friends and Family,

It seems that this is our annual March email to let everyone know of our recent news.  This past Friday (at 5:00), some pathology from under my arm came back as positive for cancer AGAIN.  I went to my oncologist last Wednesday when I felt another lump under my arm-pretty much the same spot as last year.  They did a biopsy and MRI the following day—the MRI came back fine..but the biopsy showed some positive cells.  They are hoping with the MRI results being good, that the cancer is small and localized.

I am having surgery (to take out the area under my arm) tomorrow at noon.  My oncologist, surgeon and radiologist have all been in contact and they feel that the sooner the better.  We will follow up with Bone and CT Scans next week to check the rest of my body.  If those are clear (which they feel they should be given recent markers), then we pray for good margins on the surgery pathology, then we will follow up with a full course of radiation to the area—and no chemo.

I am giving so many details, because it’s somewhat exhausting (as you can imagine) to tell everyone this story over and over!!  A few people have asked me today if I’ve considered having a full mastectomy—so I’ll answer that too!  Yes, we suggested that last year, but apparently since the cancer went to my lymph nodes—“the breast is not the area of concern anymore”—and that’s pretty accurate, because both recurrences have been in the axilla (underarm) area and not in the breast.

We are very hopeful and positive—please pray for Dr. Turk tomorrow—that he will be able to get the cancer OUT and get clear margins.  Pray that radiation will be a good option.

For the past 8 months, I have been reading through the Bible—I’m 39 years old and have never done that.  I’m in Acts right now—and plan to finish the whole Bible by the end of March.  It has been an amazing discovery to me to learn so much about the God of 2nd Chances (Old Test) and of Jesus, the Healer (New Test.)  I feel closer to God than ever before and that is priceless.

Gosh, this was my attempt to be brief.  Please remember to pray for me tomorrow.  Pray for Jerel and the kids—it breaks my heart that they have to go through this again with me.

We’ll be in touch…

Lots of love,

Susan (and Jerel) Law


6 Responses to “Update 3/2/10”

  1. Sonja Post Inman Says:


    Definitely praying for your and your family tomorrow. Love looking at your blog – your kids are precious!

  2. John Teeling Says:

    You are awesome! I am praying for your surgery. Know that you are loved deeply by Tracy and me. We are with you in the battle and we will journey with you through this. You and Jerel are not alone and we together have a Hope that will not disappoint us and that Hope iss Jesus. He is with us and He will be with you tomorrow.

    We will continue to pray. Love you,

    John and Tracy

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Hang in there, Susan. Thinking and praying for you tomorrow!

  4. Sue Uibel Says:


    I’m so, so, sorry you have to go through this again, too. In fact, just this week, Dave asked me if I had heard anything about you and how you were doing and I said no news, so believed all was going well. We pray for you guys often and lately, we’ve been praying heavily for a gal on our Staff at The Cove who was recently diagnosed for a rare cancer in her breasts and she is having a mascectomy this Friday, which has hit us close to home, too.

    I can’t begin to imagine all the emotions — and strength you’re needing at this time again. I’m going to pray that truly God will be with Dr. Turk tomorrow…..that he’ll be able to clearly see all the cancer, that the margins will be clean and for the other tests to come back completely clear! I do believe we have a God that can completely heal, and I’m praying for that for you, Susan.

    Also asking God to give you rest and peace tonight…..as well as your sweet family, whom I’m sure feels the same emotions. Know you are being brought before our Father tonight…and tomorrow. So much love and hugs sent to you, my friend……..”Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matt.11:28


  5. Beth Bowker Says:

    Susan, When life overwhelms me, lead me to your path…help me conquer my troubles; so I can feel your presence; to remind me you are ALWAYS there! I truly believe this. I am praying for you, your family, and your doctors today. Blessings my friend. Keep up the fight. You are a strong beautiful woman, wife, mother and daughter. You can do this!

  6. Josh Conklin Says:

    Praying for you and the family. Susan, hang in there. I can’t imagine how you’ve made it through so much already, but I know God has already prepared the way for you. Trust in his path. Easier said that done, huh. You’re an inspiration. Know that the prayers of so many are lifting you up, and surrounding you, and the entire family. With tremendous love for you guys. -Josh

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