no, not the movie!

enough of the cancer updates— at least for a day!  This year, I got 4 wonderful cards for Valentine’s Day.  Each of the kids made one for me and then one from Jerel.   I loved them all so much, so I thought I’d put them on here so we’d all remember them forever!  they were so precious to me….

Luke wrote his all by himself–he asked Jerel how to spell most of the words.  I loved that he put exactly what he wanted:

Christopher has always been very creative–he chose to cut out every letter from magazines.   It is just like him to do that–so I love that this card totally represents him.

And finally- Bailey’s.  This one is precious to me because Jerel said she wrote all this on her own–unprompted by him.  She wanted me to read it out loud and I did—and after you read, you’ll know why I started to cry!

When I started to cry, Luke said “Mom, is that proud-crying?”  I said “Yes Luke–I am proud-crying and happy-crying.  When did I tell you about proud-crying?”   ( I was feeling “proud” that I had taught him that) and he quickly said “Oh no Mom, I learned it from the Jonas Brothers.”  Oh well!


5 Responses to “Precious”

  1. Kristin Says:

    “I learned it on the Jonas Brothers.” okay this cracked me up!
    (Parenthood: so fun AND has the added bonus of keeping you humble.)

    I’m imagining this has been a long week – I am sure you’re exhausted. We are sending you hugs and love tonight! ❤

  2. Sheryl Says:

    PRECIOUS INDEED!!! I am praying for COMPLETE healing for you and wisdom for your doctors!!! Thank you for always being so positive and encouraging to Pam and I!!! YOU AMAZE ME with your love and encouraging words!!! Thank you for sharing your precious Luke with us this year too!!! We love all of you!!

  3. Edie Says:

    Susan —

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aunt Edie

  4. Joan Rogers Says:

    LOVED the cards and LOVE that you are so surrounded by such a great family. I am sure it has been a long week on an even longer journey but I know you are surrounded by hugs and prayer and, most important, God’s grace. You really are amazing and have continued to teach me to walk in faith. Love to all of you!
    Joan and family

  5. Nickie Durham Says:

    Thanks Susan for sharing your Valentine Cards, that was precious and a usual Luke gave me a very good laugh!

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