Update 3/22/10

Hello all!  Last Thursday, I met with my Radiology Oncologist.  She feels that I can get a full dose of radiation in this right axilla area-and she said she is going to have a ‘wide field’ to allow plenty of room in case there are more nodules in/around this area.  I felt good after talking with her. I am planning on taking the chemo pill, Xeloda, on the days of radiation.  There are minimum side effects with this drug–we are hoping that it will increase the effectiveness of the radiation as well as have a systemic effect if needed.

So, I went back to her on Friday and had a CT Scan.  This week, she will meet with my surgeon to figure out the clips that he placed and do the “physics” of determining the radiated field.   This Friday, I’ll go for a dry-run, then start officially Monday the 29th.  That is the plan right now— I meet with my surgeon tomorrow–post-op stuff.

Today’s excerpt from Streams in the Desert was so perfect for me…so here are few lines pulled from it:

“We should be more careful to focus on learning all the lessons in the school of sorrow than to focus anxious eyes toward the time of our deliverance.  There is a reason behind every lesson and when we are ready, our deliverance will definitely come.  Then we will know we could never have served in our place of higher service without having been taught the very things we learned during our ordeal. God is in the process of educating us for future service and greater blessing.”


One Response to “Update 3/22/10”

  1. Amy Wolfe Says:

    Susan, I’m praying for you. Thanks for sharing the encouragement from Streams in the Desert. It’s so true. Hang on the Him! He is with you.

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