And so it begins… (radiation)

Well, today I started a 33 day Radiation schedule.  (Last week, I went and got ‘set up’ and got my ‘tattoo’–which means they draw all kinds of lines on me that last the entire 6 and 1/2 weeks)   Being back in the radiation room brings back so many memories from a year and a half ago.  I honestly didn’t think I’d ever need it again, but here I am.

I also started an oral Chemotherapy drug today.  I will take it every day that I have radiation.  So, it will be every Monday-Friday until I have 33 treatments.  I was a little nervous about taking the chemo–it’s 3 big pills in the morning and 3 again at night–it just seems like a lot–but I guess not compared to all the IV drugs I’ve gotten in the past.  This drug is not supposed to cause hair loss or much nausea–but we’ll see.  The chemo drug is hopefully going to increase the effectiveness of the radiation.  While it increases the sensitivity/reponse of the cancer cells, it also increases the response of the healthy cells I have.   So, I may deal with more post-radiation issues, like lymphadema, swelling, etc.  We’ll see about that too.

The past couple of weeks, I have felt really good to be in the hands of my Radiology Oncologist.  She seems to “get me”.

Today, while the machine buzzed, I prayed (during the buzzing) that God would use this radiation to heal me of this cancer.  Have you heard that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing but expecting different results?  So, call me “crazy”–but I do think that God will heal me of this!

So, I’ll be doing this for a little over 6 weeks–I’ll probably update a few times along the way, but I hope to get back to blogging about other stuff in the mean time…

Thanks for your prayers,



7 Responses to “And so it begins… (radiation)”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    Praying and believing for COMPLETE healing!!!

  2. John Teeling Says:

    Susan, It’ll be praying with you over the next six weeks. -John

  3. Dianne Mitzel Says:

    I sat on the same row as your sweet parents in church yesterday…I know they need our prayers as well. You are an amazing, strong young woman, and you are going to be healed of this hateful disease…I know this is so hard to go through again, but you can do it, and we know the results will be your complete healing….love you!

  4. Tracey Cusick Says:

    Your strength inspires me. I think it is the strength you possess and the love that surrounds you that will get you through this time and heal you for good. Thoughts and prayers always.

  5. katie Says:

    Thinking of you sweet Susan and you and your sweet family are in my prayers…xoxo

  6. Richard Shoaf Says:

    Knowing where we were eight years ago on this day, we know exactly how you feel. Now its our turn to hold you up in hugs and prayers. We love you and hope to see you soon!

  7. debbie ohara Says:

    Susan- I just wanted to share a story about my father who was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer in his bile duct(liver?) The doctor said it was terminal but to relieve his pain, he prescribed radiation therapy and a palliative drug to help the radiation shrink the tumor. After several weeks of radiation, the radiologist told him he thought he would have at least a year or two before the tumor would start to grow again. Well, the miracle was that it NEVER started to grow and my dad just passed away from natural causes at the age of 92! So KEEP FIGHTING,Girl!
    Debbie(from DUMC)

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