Every morning, I go to Presbyterian Hospital for my daily radiation appointment.  As I walking out the front door (with tears in my eyes–read below)—I passed some of my  “friends” going in.  This is a lady in her 6os  who is a cancer patient also receiving radiation.  Her daughter brings her in every day. Just so you get the picture better, I will tell you that this woman (the patient) is a pretty large  lady.  Anyway, she had a white t-shirt today that said SEXY in big pink and black letters.  Amidst my tears, I just had to give a little chuckle.  It actually made my day to see her in that shirt.  (anyone else in that shirt probably would have annoyed me!)    Cancer patients (at least the ones I have met) are some of nicest people who have such a great perspective on life and most have (or have acquired)  a sense of humor.

30 minutes before crossing paths with “Sexy”….

There is another couple I sit with every day in the waiting room  at radiation (husband comes with his wife–another couple in the 60s) Today-they were telling all the nick-names they have given to people (doctors, nurses, etc.)–Some to their face, some they would not dare!  A couple of them made me laugh out loud!    He said they would come up with one for me some day–I doubt I even want to know!

There is another VERY sweet lady (around 60 als0 and reminds me a bit of my mom)–her assigned time was right after me, so I’ve seen her and her husband every day. She sits in a wheelchair b/c she’s in a lot of pain.   She was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer– her last radiation treatment was today—and she’s moving on to Chemo.  I didn’t know it was her last day (The past few days she hasn’t been feeling well, so we hadn’t actually talked)   So, after my radiation, we talked in the hall–her sweet husband was taking her picture.  She was excited that today was her last radiation—she was going to ring “the bell”–signifying that she’d accomplished this– so I started to cry—not sure really why, it all just gets to me sometimes.   I told her I’d miss seeing her in the hallways–we go to the same oncologist office, so hopefully I’d see her.  I told her I’d pray for her, and I knew she could fight this!  She is very positive and is up for the fight!

When I was leaving, I saw her husband in the hall, so I hugged him  and told him I’d be thinking of him too and praying for him because I know how hard it is on husbands/spouses !  I told him I really admired the way he is so attentive  to his wife, etc.  Then he said “You know?  I count it as an honor.  She has taken care of me for 35 years!  Now it’s my turn.  It’s really a privilege.”

WOW!  See what I mean about perspective?

So, of course, I started to cry more.  So, I’m walking out of the hospital, literally wiping my face with my jacket.  I give my valet ticket (they valet all cancer patients’ cars) to the guy and sit down and wait.  A few minutes later, “Sexy”‘s daughter comes walking back outside to check on me.  How sweet!

So, here’s to all the husbands/spouses/caretakers.  Jerel has been so wonderful through/in all of this.  I am SO blessed to be his wife.  I’ll just have to get him a shirt someday—maybe not pink letters though!  I love you Jerel!!


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