Mother’s Day and other beautiful things

Mother’s Day was a great day for us this year.  We went to church and then out to lunch with my mom and dad.  We went to the Village Tavern at Southpark and ate outside.  It was a beautiful day—this picture is of the 5 of us (a rare picture!) on the deck of the restaurant.  When we came home, the kid gave me cards and a present.    I loved the cards so much–but I realize (after loading these pictures on the computer) that I only took a picture of Bailey’s card. (Don’t tell the boys!)  Hers was very special because she asked the boys (and Jerel) to make comments and she quoted them on her card.  Here it is, but it came out sideways and probably too small to read, but you can see just how special it was.

On Saturday (before Mother’s Day), we went to Carrigan Farms to go strawberry picking.  This was fun for all 5 of us…we came home and made a strawberry pie.  We ate the whole thing in 2 days!!

Another beautiful thing…. Luke’s preschool Art Show.  I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about this yet or not.  Luke is graduating from preschool in 2 weeks….we are closing the “preschool chapter” of our lives.   Each spring, they have an Art Show —the kids’ art is all around the building, but also a ton of it is displayed in their classroom.  Also, a bake sale and pizza dinner.  We are happy to have paid the last preschool payment, but will miss the sweet days of Davidson UMC.


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