Saw this idea for -ings on a coulple of friends’ blogs–so thought i’d just write my random thoughts for this week in this -ing style!

remembering the sweet days of Davidson UMC Preschool.  This is our family’s 7th year and last year.  Today was Luke’s last day of preschool. I asked him to hold my hand while we walked in today and he wanted to know why and I told him it was my last day too! His graduation is tomorrow at a park nearby, so I’ll be sure to post some sweet pictures!!

wondering who will win American Idol tonight.  I’m thinking…. Lee.  But Chrystal is great too.  I just think I’d rather hear Lee’s voice on the radio.

praying for a friend whose husband passed away early this morning.  he had cancer and was in hospice care for the past 9 days.

wishing there was no such thing as cancer!  it just seems that it’s everywhere— sometimes i just think, what in the world?  and why do the BEST people get it?  no, i’m not really talking about me, but all the people i know with it. now, there are some “best” people who don’t have it too!!

burning chocolate chip cookies–as i type this.  i was also talking to my mom on the phone…multi-tasking makes me burn cookies!

juggling lots of things right now.  it does seem that May is the new December.  Every group/class/activity we’re in has a party or celebration.  also, swimteam starts–and that’s every day….so for a couple of weeks (until school is out), we’re a little bit crazy!

celebrating 15 years of marriage!  Jerel and I went last Friday to the hotel where we had our rehearsal dinner.    bailey was away at a girl scout camp-out and my parents kept the boys and the dog.  we had a great time— i gave him a journal that i’ve been keeping for the past month–full of some of our best memories of our marriage. that was fun to read through together and remember!

enjoying a 6 week break from any doctors.   i go back in mid-June to have a blood test and see Dr. Boyd in late-June.  Hopefully, we won’t have much to talk about!

reading the Bible.  still loving it.  i finished back in march going all the way through.  now, i’m working my way back through all my underlines and putting it in a journal.  funny–i started a page –way back in august- of verses i wanted to memorize/remember. well that “page” turned into several pages–just with the references on it, no words yet.  (i want to write them all out)–but i know it will fill up a whole entire journal!

gearing up for the summer.  we have to have a serious family meeting about summertime.  my boys (8 and 5) are loving picking on each other and annoying each other right now.  so, we’re laying down some laws.  i am wondering what is “normal” for brothers to do and where to draw “the line”!

looking forward to summer!  no 6:40am bus, no lunches to pack (at least not every day)—-and we’ll have some “lazy days” of summer—going to the pool, sleeping in, reading books, going to the beach, doing art projects.  can’t wait!!

knowing that i’ll be ready for school in August.   We all need a break sometime–even from the lazy days of summer.  but for now….bring it on!


One Response to “ings”

  1. Kathy Stith Says:

    Susan! This is so completely precious and I laughed out loud when I read “all the best people get cancer”! That is so Susan and I just loved hearing from you! You are completely amazing and I think of you very often – I hope you get this – I am not too up to date on this stuff but Edie forwarded it to me – put me on your list if it works this way. Know that always I love you and cherish all of the experience we had with you and Jenni growing up together! Kathy

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