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Update 6/30/2010

June 30, 2010

I finished up 32 days of Radiation on May 18th and I just went in last week for a blood test–my first tumor marker level in a while.  The nurse called a few days later and said my level was in the NORMAL range!!  This is the first time it’s been normal in over 2 years.  “Normal” is 39 and below.  And mine was 39–but I’ll take the normal status any way I can get it!

I met with Dr. Boyd this past Friday and he was thrilled about the number.  He feels like the radiation was very effective.  He said normally he would see me back in 3 months–just to monitor the level and do a physical exam (feel the areas for any lumps,etc.).  But he wants me back in 2 months.  I immediately asked him why he wanted me back earlier and he assured me that he didn’t feel anything suspicious at all…but knowing my history (2 recurrences and the fact that my cancer is triple negative -) he wants to keep a close eye on me.  I added “and you just care about me”–and he said of course!!  🙂

So, I’ll go back in August for another blood level and a meeting with him.  Of course I hope we have nothing to talk about–but I would REALLY love if you would pray for me.  I have prayed so much about this and have asked God to heal me.  I try to imagine His hand literally coming over my body and healing me.  I do know that Triple Negative Breast Cancer is known for coming back—but I know that my God is stronger than any kind of cancer.  I just ask that you remember me in your prayers.

I’ll update more in mid-August.  Hopefully, I will have a very un-eventful two months (on the cancer end!)–a very full 2 months otherwise!  Bailey is going to her first sleep-away camp in July for 6 nights.  I am so excited for her and I wish I could go!!  We’re all enjoying the pool and swim team….we have a vacation planned for August….my parents have given us a week at a Marriott Resort in Myrtle Beach (Thanks mom and dad!)  We’re enjoying sleeping a little later…and we’ve loved having Aunt Dana (my sister) visiting this week!!

More later—perhaps some swim team pictures soon!




Father’s Day Interview

June 19, 2010

Happy Father’s Day Jerel!  I took the time today to ask the kids a few questions….. answered by Bailey (10), Christopher (8) and Luke (5)

If Daddy was a Superhero, who would he be?

Bailey – “Spiderman because when we do bad stuff, he gets on us like a spider”

Christopher – “Batman because he thinks really fast.”

Luke- “Mr. Incredible because Daddy has power tools.”

If you could give Daddy anything, what would it be?

Bailey- “A million dollars so he could buy whatever he wants”

Christopher- “A yacht because he has a middle age crisis”

Luke- ” Six Hershey Bars because he loves chocolate and I want them to have nuts in them.”

If you could spend one day with just Daddy, what would you do?

Bailey- “Go to Carowinds and ride every big roller coaster.”

Christopher- “Help him decide how to spend Bailey’s million dollar present.”

Luke- “I would go to Target and buy 6,000 lego sets.”

What do you appreciate about Daddy?

Bailey- “He always wants us to go outside and play and do sports”

Christopher- “He always helps out–whether it’s camp or sports or anything.”

Luke- “He grills steak for us….and beef too.  He helps God mow the grass.”

What is one thing you love about Daddy?

Bailey- “I love it when he goes in the ocean with me and rides the waves.”

Christopher- “He always buys stuff that we need…he’s really nice and I love his character-it’s just really nice all the time”

Luke- “He let us go see Shrek 4”

We love you Daddy!!!