Father’s Day Interview

Happy Father’s Day Jerel!  I took the time today to ask the kids a few questions….. answered by Bailey (10), Christopher (8) and Luke (5)

If Daddy was a Superhero, who would he be?

Bailey – “Spiderman because when we do bad stuff, he gets on us like a spider”

Christopher – “Batman because he thinks really fast.”

Luke- “Mr. Incredible because Daddy has power tools.”

If you could give Daddy anything, what would it be?

Bailey- “A million dollars so he could buy whatever he wants”

Christopher- “A yacht because he has a middle age crisis”

Luke- ” Six Hershey Bars because he loves chocolate and I want them to have nuts in them.”

If you could spend one day with just Daddy, what would you do?

Bailey- “Go to Carowinds and ride every big roller coaster.”

Christopher- “Help him decide how to spend Bailey’s million dollar present.”

Luke- “I would go to Target and buy 6,000 lego sets.”

What do you appreciate about Daddy?

Bailey- “He always wants us to go outside and play and do sports”

Christopher- “He always helps out–whether it’s camp or sports or anything.”

Luke- “He grills steak for us….and beef too.  He helps God mow the grass.”

What is one thing you love about Daddy?

Bailey- “I love it when he goes in the ocean with me and rides the waves.”

Christopher- “He always buys stuff that we need…he’s really nice and I love his character-it’s just really nice all the time”

Luke- “He let us go see Shrek 4”

We love you Daddy!!!


One Response to “Father’s Day Interview”

  1. Joan Rogers Says:

    Hi Susan and Jerel,
    Just stopping by to say hi. So glad you’re done with radiation! Hope you are feeling well. Sounds like your summer is off to a flying start! How does time move faster when you most want it to slow down? I can’t believe how big your children are! Beautiful as always. Love to you all!

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