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No News is Good News

July 27, 2010

You’ve heard that expressions, right?  No news is good news…that’s how we are these days.  Just enjoying the summer– my blog is kind of in the back of my mind these days as we enjoy the kids home from school for these short few months!

Several of you have emailed/called to ask me if I have any news regarding my cancer.  So, I thought today that I really should update the blog with my status, so that all my pray-ers (you!) can know!  Right now, I am in the “waiting period”–it’s wonderful and it’s frightening all at the same time.  To recap–I had surgery in February to remove some cancer , radiation in April and May—and I went back to the oncologist in mid-June and got a great report–my best blood levels (regarding cancer) ever!  I will go back to Dr. Boyd at the end of August to have another blood level taken and a physical exam.   So, I promise I’ll update if I ever have anything to report.

This is my first summer in 3 years to have hair.  It’s growing and I’m trying to figure out the whole “short hair growing out” thing.  But, I’m thrilled to have hair!!  I LOVE not looking sick–  I know that sounds crazy….but I love to appear normal!!  Less attention?  Maybe.  Less “i’m sorry for you” looks…definitely!  Most of all, my husband and kids and I , can live somewhat normally and not have to dwell on that constantly!

I have a couple of posts that I have started, but not finished…several in my mind that I’ve started!  I am so thankful to God for this summer…for this remission…. for the time with my family—times at Carowinds (I rode the Intimidator!)–that will be a post for sure….our trip to Morehead City with my high-school friend–have some awesome pictures, our trip to Sliding Rock—-Bailey’s first ever sleep away camp!-she loved it, my in-laws coming today, going to the beach next week, and finally, the plans that Jerel and I have regarding a church! (look for that post soon) Such a full, wonderful, at times crazy life.

For now, I better go clean the shower so my in-laws won’t run away right when they get here!!  (I did clean out our fridge yesterday–like every shelf and drawer and bin–they’re all clean and shiny.  Jerel said it looks like it did when we bought it 13 years ago!  That was a chore-but worth it!)   I am a self-confessed horrible house-cleaner!!!


First and Last Day of School

July 4, 2010

This was Bailey and Christopher on the first day of school (4th and 2nd grade) August 25, 2009

And here they are on the last day of school.  06/10/10.  Bailey helped out with the 5th grade graduation–singing in the chorus and passing out programs…so she wore nice clothes and my pearls!  (Note the Trader Joes Bag–she was so excited to not have to bring her backpack–but she still had so much stuff (lunch box, yearbook, etc. that she packed everything in the TJ bag.  Whatever!)    Both kids had such a great year!  We are very proud of them!