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2010 Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure!

August 31, 2010

One of my dear friends, Diana, has offered to organize a team to Walk for the Cure!  We are going to participate in the 2010 Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure.  So much research is being done for Breast Cancer—to beneift so many people and studies like the one I’m hoping to get into on Thursday!

When Diana asked us if we were up for this, Jerel and I didn’t even hesitate.  We knew it would be such a worthy cause, and such a motivation and inspiration for me as I fight this disease.

Would you consider joining our team? It is a 5K walk on October 2, 2010.  Kids are welcome to participate too!  My children will be doing it!!

Go to

In the middle of the pink bar, you’ll see KOMEN RACE FOR THE CURE–pull that menu down and click on TEAMS.   Then, JOIN A TEAM.  Page down and type in Team Law for the Team Name.  Then, SEARCH FOR A TEAM.  It will lead you to a registration page. Of course, no pressure, but if you’re feeling led to join our team, I hope you will!!

Anybody know of any T-shirt connections?  I am hoping to have some t-shirts for our team!!

I will update this blog on Thursday–when I hear if I am a member of this study/trial.

Lots of love,



Update 8/27/10

August 27, 2010

Hello Family and Friends,

This is a very hard update to write…so I will try to be short and sweet.  We had my regular meeting with Dr. Boyd, my oncologist, this morning.  I had a blood level taken last week and we were waiting to hear from that.  My latest level (in June) was the normal range and we felt so good about that.  My level today was 55, so it is elevated.

The bad news is that my latest CT scan (taken this week) showed some abnormalities in my lungs.  To be specific, a couple of tiny nodules in my left lung, but the biggest concern is that I have enlarged lymph nodes under the breast bone pushing on my lungs.  (I have had a bothersome breathy, wheezy kind of cough for a couple of weeks–now we know why.)

Dr. Boyd immediately called about a clinical trial at CMC here in Charlotte wtih Dr. Limentani.  It’s a Parp1 Inhibitor for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  It’s a trial in that it’s a study–but it’s one in where if I’m chosen, I would definitely get the medicines and not a placebo.  Anyway–the lottery comes up every Thursday—so hopefully September 2, my name will be chosen and I will begin chemotherapy plus this parp1 Inhibitor (for all you medical people, it’s called BSI-201) on Friday, September 3. It’s possible that my name is not chosen and it could be the following week.  Most people are chosen the 1st week…..but some wait up to 3 weeks. The good news (if there is any at this point!)–is that this regimen is not as difficult as ones I have done in the past.  Probably not hair loss and low nausea.  So, that is good, because all that not only effects me, but effects Jerel and the kids in so many different ways!

We asked how long this cycle would be.  (for example in 2008 I did 6 cycles of 3 weeks each).   They said this one is indefinite–I’ll stay on it as long as it works, until it gets all disease…..or until it’s ineffective and switch to something else.

We are obviously shocked and devestated.  I was feeling so positive about things…I had even taken a part time job–to teach 4 year olds at the preschool where all my kids went and obviously, hated calling my boss today to tell her of this news.

We are going to talk to the kids tonight and our approach has always been to just be honest.  We will be very positive  tonight, but I just want the kids to know what is going on.  Obviously, it breaks my heart to have to tell them about this.  Please pray for Jerel…this is so hard on him and I wish so much that we didn’t have to do all this!  Pray for the kids that they can maintain their positive attitudes and zeal for life.

On to more positive things—school started this week and Bailey and Christopher are really happy with their teachers and classes. Luke starts kindergarten on Monday!!  We are thrilled he has Mrs. Jones (she was Christopher’s kindergarten teacher 3 years ago–and the year I was originally diagnosed)–so it’s nice to be in good hands that already know us!!

I’ll update on Thursday.



Hello Again!

August 21, 2010

Hello Again!  I’ve been a horrible blogger this summer–been having too much fun, I guess!

School starts in just 4 days– I guess my family is in some kind of denial.  We usually go through our boxes of “stuff” from the previous school year during the summer…and we haven’t done that yet!  2 kids still need shoes and lunch boxes, 2 kids need haircuts.  But we’re headed to the pool today instead of doing that!

Those of you who check in on me regarding my health, I thought I’d just update you–I went in this past Thursday for a tumor marker check.  (It’s a blood test).  I see Dr. Boyd next Friday (the 27th) and hope to get good results.  2 months ago, my level was 39.  and 0-39 is considered normal.  So, we’re praying for normal!!  I’ll update when I know!

Ocean Watch!

August 3, 2010

Wow!  We’re at the beach this week….. my parents gave us a week at Marriott’s Ocean Watch in Myrtle Beach.  Thanks Mom and Dad—what an awesome place. Water slide pool, waterfall pool, 3 story tree house, beautiful beach, games, 3 tvs (one per kid?)–we are definitely being spoiled this week.    I’m sure I’ll post pictures later–although I’ve been a slack blogger lately.

We were at the pool today–watching our kids come down the waterslide for the 100th time….literally.  They were having so much fun. It’s so fun to see my kids getting along together and having so much fun!!   (ok, after re-reading this, i realize i just said SO FUN like 3 times in one sentence…but I’m leaving it!)  I looked across the pool in another section and saw a mom and dad and their son in a wheelchair.  The dad picked up the boy and handed him down to the mom in the pool.  She held him in the pool for a long time.  He seemed to really feel good in the water.  I thought for a moment of how much I take for granted in this life.  Thank you, God, for legs that move, for my family whom I love, for each and every day that you give us.

ps…The boy was a teenager.