Ocean Watch!

Wow!  We’re at the beach this week….. my parents gave us a week at Marriott’s Ocean Watch in Myrtle Beach.  Thanks Mom and Dad—what an awesome place. Water slide pool, waterfall pool, 3 story tree house, beautiful beach, games, 3 tvs (one per kid?)–we are definitely being spoiled this week.    I’m sure I’ll post pictures later–although I’ve been a slack blogger lately.

We were at the pool today–watching our kids come down the waterslide for the 100th time….literally.  They were having so much fun. It’s so fun to see my kids getting along together and having so much fun!!   (ok, after re-reading this, i realize i just said SO FUN like 3 times in one sentence…but I’m leaving it!)  I looked across the pool in another section and saw a mom and dad and their son in a wheelchair.  The dad picked up the boy and handed him down to the mom in the pool.  She held him in the pool for a long time.  He seemed to really feel good in the water.  I thought for a moment of how much I take for granted in this life.  Thank you, God, for legs that move, for my family whom I love, for each and every day that you give us.

ps…The boy was a teenager.

2 Responses to “Ocean Watch!”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    We are so blessed! Thanks for sharing!

  2. sherrie Says:

    Susan and family, enjoy the pool and the beach…it’s hot outside…Susan, there is always a sign that things could be worse…I love you girl!

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