Hello Again!

Hello Again!  I’ve been a horrible blogger this summer–been having too much fun, I guess!

School starts in just 4 days– I guess my family is in some kind of denial.  We usually go through our boxes of “stuff” from the previous school year during the summer…and we haven’t done that yet!  2 kids still need shoes and lunch boxes, 2 kids need haircuts.  But we’re headed to the pool today instead of doing that!

Those of you who check in on me regarding my health, I thought I’d just update you–I went in this past Thursday for a tumor marker check.  (It’s a blood test).  I see Dr. Boyd next Friday (the 27th) and hope to get good results.  2 months ago, my level was 39.  and 0-39 is considered normal.  So, we’re praying for normal!!  I’ll update when I know!


2 Responses to “Hello Again!”

  1. sheryl Says:

    I will be praying for GOOD numbers for you!!! See you Thursday… and p.s. thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one in denial!! Love you!

  2. Joan Says:

    Hey Susan! Sounds like a perfect summer! Chores will always wait! A group of BC survivors from our church (and elsewhere) are meeting for coffee at the Starbucks off exit 23 this Friday AM at 10 AM–it’s a little past the hospital on the same side of the road. Join us if you can! It’s usually just a fun gab fest with a great group of women! I would love to see you! Praying for excellent numbers–low, low, low! Love to all–

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