Update 8/27/10

Hello Family and Friends,

This is a very hard update to write…so I will try to be short and sweet.  We had my regular meeting with Dr. Boyd, my oncologist, this morning.  I had a blood level taken last week and we were waiting to hear from that.  My latest level (in June) was 39..in the normal range and we felt so good about that.  My level today was 55, so it is elevated.

The bad news is that my latest CT scan (taken this week) showed some abnormalities in my lungs.  To be specific, a couple of tiny nodules in my left lung, but the biggest concern is that I have enlarged lymph nodes under the breast bone pushing on my lungs.  (I have had a bothersome breathy, wheezy kind of cough for a couple of weeks–now we know why.)

Dr. Boyd immediately called about a clinical trial at CMC here in Charlotte wtih Dr. Limentani.  It’s a Parp1 Inhibitor for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  It’s a trial in that it’s a study–but it’s one in where if I’m chosen, I would definitely get the medicines and not a placebo.  Anyway–the lottery comes up every Thursday—so hopefully September 2, my name will be chosen and I will begin chemotherapy plus this parp1 Inhibitor (for all you medical people, it’s called BSI-201) on Friday, September 3. It’s possible that my name is not chosen and it could be the following week.  Most people are chosen the 1st week…..but some wait up to 3 weeks. The good news (if there is any at this point!)–is that this regimen is not as difficult as ones I have done in the past.  Probably not hair loss and low nausea.  So, that is good, because all that not only effects me, but effects Jerel and the kids in so many different ways!

We asked how long this cycle would be.  (for example in 2008 I did 6 cycles of 3 weeks each).   They said this one is indefinite–I’ll stay on it as long as it works, until it gets all disease…..or until it’s ineffective and switch to something else.

We are obviously shocked and devestated.  I was feeling so positive about things…I had even taken a part time job–to teach 4 year olds at the preschool where all my kids went and obviously, hated calling my boss today to tell her of this news.

We are going to talk to the kids tonight and our approach has always been to just be honest.  We will be very positive  tonight, but I just want the kids to know what is going on.  Obviously, it breaks my heart to have to tell them about this.  Please pray for Jerel…this is so hard on him and I wish so much that we didn’t have to do all this!  Pray for the kids that they can maintain their positive attitudes and zeal for life.

On to more positive things—school started this week and Bailey and Christopher are really happy with their teachers and classes. Luke starts kindergarten on Monday!!  We are thrilled he has Mrs. Jones (she was Christopher’s kindergarten teacher 3 years ago–and the year I was originally diagnosed)–so it’s nice to be in good hands that already know us!!

I’ll update on Thursday.




15 Responses to “Update 8/27/10”

  1. Lin Essick Says:

    oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. I’ll be in prayer for you, Jerel and the kids!!!! Try to hang in there-I was an oncology nurse for years and I can tell you that attitude matters!!!

  2. Katie W. Says:

    Dear Susan,

    I just found out about this from mom, and I don’t know what to do at all. You’ve always been incredibly strong throughout all of this, and I can see from what I just read in your post that you are approaching cancer with so much strength and calm. I’ve never admired you so much as when I just read the last paragraph ” onto more positive things”- you’re in my prayers and probably will be in the prayers of the Wesley group at UNC, and we’re lifting this up real high. I hope Bailey, Christopher, and Luke are okay and just want to tell all y’all I love every last one of you. Sorry I never read your blog before now- we’ll stay in touch, and maybe at x-mas I can watch the kids for you while you do something fun with my mom or something- anything, really.

    So many prayers coming your way,
    Katie Womble

  3. Nancy & Kelly Jones Says:

    Susan & family – know that we will have our church praying for you as well as all our family. Do rest in the Lord as He is sovereign and good. His ways are best and good. No always what we want but His will be done. We think about you so much. Know we send you our love. Remember, He will supply all your needs. You CAN do all things through Christ who will strengthens you. I would also recommend you get on high doses of Vit D3 as cancer will not survive in that environment as well as boost your immune system. Later I will send you documentation to back this up. Precious Susan – I love you!!! Remember that in Ps. 139 – that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Ohhhhhh Susan! My eyes welled up with tears and I have this horrible pain in my heart as I read your news. I can’t tell you how much I hurt for you. I have said it before and I will say it again an again and again “YOU ARE THE STRONGEST WOMAN I KNOW!!” This is yet just another hurdle I know you will get over, I feel it!! Please know that YOU, Jerel, Bailey, Christopher & Luke are in my prayers every day!! You have such a positive outlook and with your strength you can get through this. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING, big or small, that I can do for you!!!

  5. Elise Canipe Says:

    Susan and Jerel…we need to talk soon! I was so dissappointed to get this latest news. We are praying for you!!!! When can we talk????? We will be back in town tomorrow (Sat) afternoon. I would love to meet with you on Sunday or Monday!!!!

  6. Ben of Benandjacq Says:

    That stinks. Praying for you guys.

  7. Edie Stanfield Says:

    Susan and family….

    I love you and I’m praying urgently for you!

    “Aunt” Edie

  8. Sheryl Says:

    I HATE THIS for you!!! I am praying for you to get in the new trial this next week!!! I’m praying for Jerel and the kids too!!!

    You are an amazing mom and an awesome role model for so many women!!!

    Praying, praying, praying!!!!

  9. Katie Hartline Says:

    Oh Susan…this just stinks…overwhelmed now with what to say except I love you and praying so hard for you and your family…

  10. Cammie Howard Says:

    Love you Susan and Jerel…will be praying for you all. So sorry for this turn of events and pray for the Lord’s healing!

  11. Curtis Martin Says:

    Hey Susan–Julie and I were sad when got the news via text from John Teeling after attending the 828 event in Washington DC on Saturday. So we didn’t have access to the computer until we got back today. Nonetheless–we have and will be praying for your family! If it helps, one of the doctors I call on recently told me about some research where chemo patients using 5oz of the liquid vitamin drink–Vemma each day had less nausea and hair loss. I am sure you’ve heard/tried plenty of things–and obviously, your experience is the most important. I just wanted to let you know about it–just in case it is of help.

  12. Lynde Howard Says:

    Susan, Lets see…how many times and I going to start this note, only to erase it and start over. Honestly, I am at a loss of words. My heart feels like it is going to explode. I am praying for complete healing of your body – strength for Jerel and understanding for the kids. I love that you are so strong and I admire you for always being upbeat and looking towards the more positive things. As Sheryl said in a post before me – You are an amazing mom and an awesome role model for so many women!!!

  13. Wendy Bezek Says:

    Susan, you are in my prayers every night. The girls and I pray for you and your family before bedtime. I pray that God puts his healing hand on your body and gives you strength to get through this rough patch. Please know that the Bezeks are here if you need anything!

  14. Josh Conklin Says:

    I’m praying for you and Jerel and the family. I’m so sad that you have to fight this fight. But I’m so relieved that you are a believer and you know the love of Christ. I believe with all my heart that He is with you in this time and He will be your strength. Stay strong. I love you and the family very much.

  15. Jessica Black Says:

    Hey Susan, I am so sad to hear this news. It’s been ages since we’ve seen each other but having read this most recent post just wanted to reach out and let you know we’re praying for you. Also, not sure if you are aware but if the lottery for the trial for this new medicine proves challenging to get picked for, the FDA has approved an expanded access protocol for it. If you need info, shoot me an email and I will be happy to send you what I know about it. In His love,
    Jessica, for the Blacks

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