A friend sent me a message on facebook today.  It was so encouraging to me…and I thought , we should all do this more often–just send encouraging words to people.  It takes like two minutes–and with email and facebook, it couldn’t me easier!  So, if you’re reading this today–take a couple of minutes to encourage someone in your life today.  It really made my day!!

Part of her message:

Hey there! Been thinking about you today. I woke up this am remembering your post from the other day…that you missed being normal…made me laugh, and here is why.
My mom suffers from depression off and on. She has seen several psychologists…none of which she ever really liked till one day she went to see this new guy and when she got home she called me. She said she was talking to him and she told him she just wanted to be normal. He looked her straight in the eye and said” normal is the setting on the washing machine”! Funny!So I was thinking, you know how last year Bailey told you, your gift was making other people feel good, doing special things for them? Well, I know normal would be fabulous right now, and I know you don’t want this disease to define you, but I know all of us around you would say that the definition of this disease is the strength and courage you show us everyday. I am so proud to know you. I know no one knows the right thing to say…just thought you’d appreciate my washing machine story!
Love you dear one, and I believe that this thursday will be good news!

On another note–I have a ton of people praying for Thursday–that I am selected for this Clinical Trial/Study. Will you join us in prayer?




One Response to “Encouragement…”

  1. Cathie Bowers Says:

    Susan, I know you only when you visit FBC with your folks, but I’ve checked on your health from time to time so I could be praying. Yes, Yes, Yes I will be praying about your apt. on Thursday. You can count on it!

    Also I’ve checked that I want to receive your updates.

    Cathie McElroy Bowers

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