Some of you have asked….

GREAT NEWS!  I was selected for the Clinical Trial/Study today and will begin chemo + exp. drug this Friday!!

Some of you (local friends) have asked how you can help us through this chemo treatment.  My friend, Diana, has once again offered to help us in organizing food.

If you would like to help (and really no pressure at all–this is just an easy way for people who have already asked…..)


and she can get you signed up for an online sign-up thing where you can look at the schedule and see a time that works for you.

Thanks so much…



One Response to “Some of you have asked….”

  1. Joan Says:

    Major happy dance under way in the Rogers’ house right now!! I am so excited for your news (OK, that seems weird–yeah, you get more chemo but I know it is great news!). You are amazing and strong and this cancer picked the wrong chick to pick on! Love to you all!

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