Update 9/17/10

I haven’t updated in a while–it’s just kind of a bummer to write about this stuff!!    But I know that several of you want to know what is going on with us.

I was accepted into the Clinical Trial/Study of a drug in phase 3 of its study.  This drug has shown some great results in Triple Negative metastatic breast cancer.  On Wednesday, September 8, I went to the Morrocroft Imaging Ctr (We’ll just call it the spa–it was so beautiful!)—to have 4 MRIs.  I was a little anxious–because even one MRI is enough for me.  They are SO loud and having to be still is stressful especially when your mind is going a little crazy anyway.  ( I was having these MRIs on my spine and pelvic bone because my recent PET scan had shown cancer in the lower back and right pelvic bone).  After 3 MRIs, they let me out to use the bathroom, and I ran into my mom in the hallway and she was crying (which is nothing new for any of us these days!!)—so I went back for the last MRI..and FINALLY finished and came out.  My mom said “do you want some good news?” I was like “what could be good news?” and she said that Jerel called while I was in the MRI to tell her that I had been accepted into the study and that we would begin 2 days later on Friday.  We were thrilled because we had been told there are some options, but it sure would be great to have THIS option!

So, I went to see Dr. Limentani on Friday the 10th.  He walked in and said we should go to Vegas–indicating our luck of getting into the program!  Of course, I believe that God wanted me in the program and he wanted me to start that week, and not the week before!  He gave us good news from my MRIs–that the cancer is small in the bones and NOT near my spine and definitely something this drug (if effective) could knock out.  Anyway—-we went straight to the Infusion Room and got started.  (the week before they had briefed me on all the drugs and all the side effects/procedures/etc).  Anyway, I’m on 2 chemo drugs plus the study drug.  I’m on a 3 week cycle.  2 weeks on (2 days each week), then the 3rd week off.

So, my first day of Chemo was Friday, September 10th.  It all went pretty smooth. I had few bumps in the road that weekend… but was able to go back on Monday for just the study drug…but ended up with a fever that day. Long story short (or longer?), by Tuesday, I had rebounded and was feeling back to me….even went to Panera.  Wednesday and Thursday were good days…felt pretty good.. took the kids to the library and out for ice cream on Thursday.  That was great to do something normal like that and good for the kids to have a mom that gets out and is active!!

So, I went back today for my “2nd week” of the first cycle…to get all 3 drugs.  But my white count was too low. I only got the study drug today and not the 2 chemos.  The 2 chemos are the blood-level-crashers!!  That is a bummer for me because obviously it is so early in the fight here to be having low blood counts.    So, I’ll go back on Monday to just get the study drug again…still have a week off and go back October 1 to start the 2nd cycle.

Next week, depending on how my blood levels do–I may begin to get some shots to boost my white blood count.

We did meet with Dr. L again today and he said we would do scans after the 2nd cycle (so mid-October) to see if my lymph nodes in my chest have decreased in size, stayed the same or grown.  If they have decreased or remained the same, then we’ll continue on this path. If they have grown, we’ll have to move on to something else.

SO…specific prayer requests:

1.  That God would use these 3 drugs to heal me of this cancer.  Pray for the scans to show smaller lymph nodes to indicate positive effectiveness of this study.

2.  That my blood count would improve enough to get these meds.  (and that i would stay infection-free in the meantime)

3.  Pray for Jerel. I know it’s hard for him to receive all the medical info, stay encouraged and pick up my slack at home.   Pray for my parents too–they help us a lot!! And for the kids–that they would be ok in all this!!

And THANK YOU to all the friends who have helped out with playdates, meals, lunches for the kids, etc.  We feel like we have such a wonderful “family of friends” around us.  We are so blessed!

On another note… we are doing pretty well.  As I type this, we’re watching National Treasure–and Jerel just made chocolate chip cookies for the kids.  We are able to stay somewhat normal–a little more laid back and less active stuff than normal–but that’s ok.  Nightime sleep is sometimes induced with Ambien (to stop my mind from going crazy!) or mindless Food Network TV!!

My sister is coming later this week…we always look forward to her visits.    She always brings some laughter and obnoxious noise (in a good way) into our house!!  The kids, I’m sure will begin mentioning “Target Shopping Sprees” soon. (She gives them all like a $10 gift card and they walk around Target)—I know it sounds incredibly spoiled..but it’s one of their traditions.  But last time she was here I told my kids NO ONE could mention it until she did.  That didn’t work out so well!

Well, I know I rambled in this post…but I wanted to give you some indication of how I was doing and the status of everything.  Thanks for reading and caring!



5 Responses to “Update 9/17/10”

  1. Cammie Howard Says:

    Susan- We prayed for you and your family tonight. You are loved and cared for by so many! Thank you for updating us. You are a beautiful,strong woman!
    Love to you from the Howard family!

  2. Sheryl Says:

    Thank you so much Susan for the update! We are ALL praying for you at DUMC Preschool! We love you girl!!!

  3. Edie Stanfield Says:

    Susan — I LOVE getting the updates and knowing how to pray specifically! You can tell me about every throw-up or whatever happens with chemo!! I LOVE YOU and care so much about how you are feeling, etc. And I love the pictures of your children — they are so YOU (and maybe a little bit of Jerel???)!!!

    “Aunt” Edie

  4. Jessica Says:

    Girl, you are “A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH”! You fight such a big fight, with such a great attitude..I am in admiration (but you already new that)!
    You know I am praying for you, like so many others, and I do believe things are going to get so much better, because your strength in your words and actions show that! I love the fact that you appreciate the little things (I am working on that, thanks to you) like pulling into the parking lot in a shiny new red convertible with a big smile on your face! I was having such a horrible day, I looked up saw you enjoying yourself and smiled for the first time that day…thanks!
    Hang in there, and remember your STRENGTH!!!

  5. Holly Says:

    Susan, I just wanted you to know that Jack prays for “Heather’s friend Susan” every night before bed. I love to hear him pray for you. We think of you and are praying for you like crazy!!

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