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Update 10/20/10

October 20, 2010

On Monday- we met with Dr. Limentani and he said that we could definitely fit in a round of radiation.  While there was some progression in the outer areas–not enough to halt any radiation plans.

So, we went Monday and got set up for radiation–and I actually started today and had 2 fields focused on the lymph nodes around my airways.  Also, 2 fields focused on my back.  I will do this for a total of 10 sessions.  (one per week day).

After that, I will do some form of chemotherapy.  I’m a little nervous about doing chemo again just because I’ve done so much of it before and my blood levels seem to be taking it so hard right now. In fact, yesterday I had to have a blood transfusion (2 units of packed red cells) due to low Hemoglobin, and I also received a unit of Platelets.  Also, neupogen shots for my white count.  So, you can see my body struggles to rebound!!  But we have confidence that Dr. Limentani can find a good option for me!!

We still appreciate each and every pray-er!  Thank you!!


Update 10/16/10

October 16, 2010

Hello Family and Friends–

Thank you for checking on me–and I’m so sorry that I haven’t been updating this blog.  Sometimes it’s just so hard to make myself do this, because I don’t like giving all these details with no good news!!  😦  This might be short and it might be long–i’m hoping I can make it short.  We’ve had a rough week here at the Law house!!

I went to the Oncologist on Monday the 11th to get Day 8 of the 2nd cycle.  (It was Day 1 and 8-all 3 drugs and Day 4 and 11-just one). My levels were strong enough (thanks to a shot at home on Saturday given by Jerel)–so I got all 3 drugs on Monday.  During chemo, they came and told me that my liver enzymes were way out of whack and they wanted me to go have a CT of my liver the next day.  I was very anxious about that–but went on Tuesday.  On the way to the scan, I noticed that my back was hurting again (it’s been hurting on and off this whole time)….but it was really starting to hurt.  I finished the scan, and went home.  By the time I could get up to my room, I was in so much pain!  My back was killing me.  So, we tried some medicine that we have and after a couple of hours, we knew it wasn’t going to work.  After talking to my nurse on the phone–instead of prescribing something stronger for me, they wanted me to go to the ER.  (It was around 6:00)

So, we got to the E.R. at 7:00.  (DANA, my sister was home with the kids.  She is a rock star….seriously!) I won’t bore you, or shock you or make you laugh (or cry) with my ER stories…but I finally got pain medication at probably 10:00.  Reading this, it doesn’t sound that bad…but it was horrible!  Anyway–lots of skipped ER stories–at 4:00, they decide to admit me for the night, because my pain wasn’t under control, but also because I came in with a really low blood pressure….and they wanted to observe me for the night.  So we got into a room around 4:30 am.

Dr. Limentani came in around 8am and talked to us.  He did give us one bit of good news–that the liver CT came back normal.  🙂  I was very relieved about that!  But he said he really wanted to get an MRI of my back to make sure there was no compression on the spine (thus all the pain)–or figure out if this was progressive disease , or if maybe it was just chemo meds causing pain.  So, around 10am I went for an MRI of my lower back and heard back by noon that there was no compression on my spine…so as long as the pain was under control, we could go home.   We spent the next 2 hours trying to work out medicines..he ended up putting me on oral morphine for the back pain.

I was scheduled the next day to go in for Day 11 (for just the study drug)–but when we went in, they took us to a dr. room instead and said we needed to talk about the MRI.   While there is no compression, there IS progression of the disease…which just means the cancer in my lower back and right saechrum is growing.  If there is evidence of disease progression while on a study drug/trial, then you have to be taken out of the program.  (We were talking to a different dr. that day b/c Lim. wasn’t there)–so this new doctor tells me that I’ve been taken out of the program and that we’ll move on to radiation to my back.  I had so many questions about all this (like what are we going to do about my lungs in the mean time?)–so I made an appointment to come back the next day (Friday) with Dr. Limentani.

So, yesterday we talked to Dr Limentani about all this.  He ordered a CT of my chest (which I had on Friday afternoon)–to see what is going on in my lungs right now.  He is hoping to get in a course of radiation to my lungs AND back before moving on to a different set of chemo drugs.  But he was needing to see the state of the lungs right now (from the CT) to determine if I can have radiation.  We meet with Dr. L again on Monday to discuss results and have an appointment right after with a radiologist to discuss radiation.   Dr. Limentani will then suggest a route for us to take with Chemo Drugs.    So, we’ll know a lot more on Monday about our next steps.

So, how am I doing with all this?  I am doing ok–it’s weird, you just have to deal with whatever comes your way in life and we all do the best we can. I am a fighter–and know that I have a lot of fight left in me.  I KNOW that God can heal me of this–I know that He has the power and the authority to do that–I don’t doubt that for a minute.  I just don’t know if He WILL.  I’ve prayed so much about this disease over the past 2 and a half years….and for some reason–it just keeps coming back.  Right now, I NEED God to intervene and do something miraculous for me.  And I know that He can.

Will you continue to pray for me?  I want God to hear my name over and over from all of you!!  Pray that these radiation treatments are effective…and then that the chemo can get in there and get this cancer!  Pray for wisdom for my doctors– there are some options with chemo–but my options are running low, since I’ve been on several of them before.  Pray for Jerel–of course, this is all stressful and heartbreaking for  him.  Pray for the kids–they each deal with this in their own way.  Luke (5 yr) mentions it the most….just in his innocent way of not understanding, he’ll just say things about it…like “well, you know, your cancer” or “is daddy going to take us to the busstop every day now, because you know, mommy’s cancer”–or he drew a picture of our house the other day and I was upstairs in the bed.  😦  That made me sad.  Bailey (10 yr) never mentions it.  It’s her way of denying it, I think. But I know she thinks about it a lot.  And Christopher (8) doesn’t talk about it much, but he’ll “check on me” more–but he’s had a few issues this weekend, with being mad at everyone, irritable, and a bad attitude about things in general.  😦

I promise to be better about updating this week.  I know if I do it more often, I can do shorter ones!!  Thanks for reading this, and for caring for/about us.  I love each and every one of you.  Love,Susan

Update 10/4

October 4, 2010

Hi everyone–quick update today.  After a weekend of 3 neupogen shots (to boost by white blood cells), I was able to get all the drugs today.  So, I got the 2 chemos plus my study drug.  I prayed as they went in that God would use these to kill this cancer in my body.  I am so blessed to have so much support around me!  Jerel is so great to love me through all this and keep such a positive attitude and encourage me along the way.  It’s great having my sister, Dana, here.  Man, we are working her hard–she probably can’t wait to go back to work!  She has been our laundry-gal, our grocery-run-person, our nanny, and my chauffer!!  My mom and dad are constantly helping us in countless ways…it’s amazing.  I would think they would rather be spending their retirement years doing something else…but of course, mom says it’s her privilege to still “take care of me!”

My friend, Diana, organized TEAM LAW for this past Saturday’s Komen race—which was a TREMENDOUS encouragement and inspiration to me!  To have 70 friends and family show up at like 6 am was amazing…almost too much for words! (another post for sure, with pictues to come!)  My friend, Fletcher Bowden, who donated money to my team and I had to “tackily” email her asking her if it was a mistake because it was way too much!!  It wasn’t a mistake — and now she thinks she can kick my but at facebook scrabble!!

Christy Manahan just came by today and “redid” my front porch–awesome… I am not a decorator and kill just about anything green!!  Susan Ballard just brought over dinner!  Mary Andrews–dinner last night, Kathy Westbrook, dinner Friday.  Amy Hatcher, lunch for my kids today.  Sandy Levering–Jerel’s favorite salad last night!  Liz Sabbagh-lunches for my kids tomorrow–and oh my gosh!  what cute lunch boxes.  i mean–seriously, i had an extra little kick in my step when I saw that!   3 Hot Dishes (Anna, Armella, Kathy)–for soup and “Flower Monday!”  Kelly M and Armella for HT gift cards…Dianne Bailey and Dana Bailey-for being Bailey’s campaign managers for her election at school!   Amy N and Steph S–who continue to be my cheerleaders.  I think I might develop a cheerleading squad. I might need it!

The danger of an Oscar speech like this is that I just left out like 300 people!!

All this to say is that I am hugely blessed by God–to have so many people in my life that love me, Jerel and my kids so much.  Continue to pray for this cancer to shrink.  We need it to!!