Update 10/4

Hi everyone–quick update today.  After a weekend of 3 neupogen shots (to boost by white blood cells), I was able to get all the drugs today.  So, I got the 2 chemos plus my study drug.  I prayed as they went in that God would use these to kill this cancer in my body.  I am so blessed to have so much support around me!  Jerel is so great to love me through all this and keep such a positive attitude and encourage me along the way.  It’s great having my sister, Dana, here.  Man, we are working her hard–she probably can’t wait to go back to work!  She has been our laundry-gal, our grocery-run-person, our nanny, and my chauffer!!  My mom and dad are constantly helping us in countless ways…it’s amazing.  I would think they would rather be spending their retirement years doing something else…but of course, mom says it’s her privilege to still “take care of me!”

My friend, Diana, organized TEAM LAW for this past Saturday’s Komen race—which was a TREMENDOUS encouragement and inspiration to me!  To have 70 friends and family show up at like 6 am was amazing…almost too much for words! (another post for sure, with pictues to come!)  My friend, Fletcher Bowden, who donated money to my team and I had to “tackily” email her asking her if it was a mistake because it was way too much!!  It wasn’t a mistake — and now she thinks she can kick my but at facebook scrabble!!

Christy Manahan just came by today and “redid” my front porch–awesome… I am not a decorator and kill just about anything green!!  Susan Ballard just brought over dinner!  Mary Andrews–dinner last night, Kathy Westbrook, dinner Friday.  Amy Hatcher, lunch for my kids today.  Sandy Levering–Jerel’s favorite salad last night!  Liz Sabbagh-lunches for my kids tomorrow–and oh my gosh!  what cute lunch boxes.  i mean–seriously, i had an extra little kick in my step when I saw that!   3 Hot Dishes (Anna, Armella, Kathy)–for soup and “Flower Monday!”  Kelly M and Armella for HT gift cards…Dianne Bailey and Dana Bailey-for being Bailey’s campaign managers for her election at school!   Amy N and Steph S–who continue to be my cheerleaders.  I think I might develop a cheerleading squad. I might need it!

The danger of an Oscar speech like this is that I just left out like 300 people!!

All this to say is that I am hugely blessed by God–to have so many people in my life that love me, Jerel and my kids so much.  Continue to pray for this cancer to shrink.  We need it to!!

4 Responses to “Update 10/4”

  1. Edie Stanfield Says:

    Susan — WONDERFUL news!!!! I wore my TEAM LAW shirt to Bible Study last night and took a picture of your family so my group could SEE who we were praying for!!!! I am SO happy with this good news!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Edie

  2. Jessica Says:

    Great news woman!!! Your words express a smile in them!!
    I am so happy this hurdle is surpassed (in the words of my son…”YOU ROCK”).
    Keep up the positive attitude and keep us posted!!
    Hugs to you!! 🙂

  3. Cathie Bowers Says:

    Thanks, Susan, for the update. I’ve been praying for you & family and was wondering what the latest was. In fact, just over the weekend my husband (Tom) asked if we’d heard anything recently. We’re FBC folks & know your folks (who doesn’t???).

  4. Linda Ruth Reeb Says:

    Praying for you all – that you would feel God’s encouragement and care in tangible ways as you deal with all the details of this current treatment. Thanks for sharing your faith-journey, and it is a faith-booster to me. Love, Linda

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