Guest Blogger 12-1-10

Wow!  Is it really December?  That is crazy to me—-usually this my favorite month of the year.  I LOVE driving around seeing our community transformed by the sights and sounds of Christmas.    We got our tree this past weekend.  Actually, Jerel took the kids and his mom to get it. I stayed at home with Jerel’s dad.  (We are still trying to get my pain meds worked out and adjusted).  Anyway, tree is beautiful. Last night, after dinner cooked by my mom (thanks mom!)–Jerel got down all the ornaments…I settled down into the leather chair to be the “unwrapper”—-and we got all the ornamnets undone–and the kids got them on the tree.  That is a fun memory every year!!

So, I asked Jerel to be the GUEST BLOGGER today—to report on all that is going on at all the dr.s offices.  So, i’m handing off to him.  🙂  Love you guys!….

Jerel here – A couple of doctor’s office updates–we did get to Chapel Hill last Wednesday to see Dr. Carey, who is known as a triple-negative breast cancer expert.  (Thanks to the Manahans for use of their “swagger wagon” – they were kind enough to offer up their new Sienna for the drive – and when I say new, I mean it had 610 miles on it when we picked it up)  While we both felt like it was a worthwhile trip for a few reasons, we didn’t come away with anything earth-shattering or all that new.  She did confirm the route Susan has been on, saying that she’s been on all the therapies she would have done.  She talked to us about possibilities for future treatments, new drugs, clinical trials UNC has.  We saw several docs and nurses that day – it was a bit overwhelming.  Dr. Carey wasn’t overly positive, talking a lot about “managing” the disease.  But we do feel like we got some good info.  And made a good contact.

Last Friday Susan was due for another treatment in Charlotte, but her blood levels (specifically platelets) were too low and she could not get treated.  We waited until today, when we had an appointment already scheduled with Limentani.  After his exam with her, he feels like the disease is progressing, and the current drug is not doing the job.  The reality is that she has had to increase her pain meds lately, because the pain is increasing.  Which means that the cancer is likely growing, not shrinking.  Not the news we wanted to hear, but given how she’s been feeling we were not surprised.

So, what to do?  Well, in the world of cancer therapies, there are literally thousands of drugs to choose from.  But there are two real possibilities right now that we are weighing.  And between Dr. Limentani, Boyd, and Carey, there is some debate about which is best.  Hopefully she will get treatment Friday with one of these.

Thank you for all your prayers so far.  Please keep them up for Susan!  We’re not giving up, and we know that God can heal, with or without drugs.  Pray for wisdom to make the right decisions about treatment.  Pray for her strength and for the pain to diminish.  I’d love to see her have some good, low-pain days to enjoy family and friends, and just feel normal again.

Thanks for all your support, and we will try to keep you posted as things develop!


One Response to “Guest Blogger 12-1-10”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    Praying, praying, praying!!! Love you all… and lifting Susan’s name up to the King of Kings!!!

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