Another day, another update

Jerel here, and I’ll try to keep it brief.  Susan is going to have a new chemo drug starting tomorrow – abraxane.  It’s in a family of drugs that she has had some success with in the past, and our doctor has some high hopes for it.  Dr. James Boyd, our original oncologist, will be administering this new treatment.  Dr. Limentani (the doc that Boyd referred us to for the clinical trial in the fall) has been terrific, but after we met with Boyd today we really felt that this drug, with him, is the best track for now.  They are both great oncologists and we’d recommend them to anyone without hesitation.  One of the great things about this drug (other than that it will aggressively attack the cancer) is that it is not supposed to be hard on her in terms of toxicity and her blood levels.  This is really important right now, since she had a tough time with the last drug in these areas.  She will get it weekly for 3 weeks, then one week off.

Another good development is that Boyd spent a lot of time talking to us about pain she’s having, and wants to refer us to a pain management specialist to help with one particularly tough spot in her back.  We are very much looking forward to having another option for relief here (besides just upping the pain meds).  He mentioned the possibility of a nerve block in this area, so we will explore that next week.

So, back at it again in the morning.  We’re excited for her to be getting medicine in her that will hopefully help.  More later – thanks for reading!



8 Responses to “Another day, another update”

  1. Cammie Howard Says:

    Jerel- You all are being prayed for and are on our minds and hearts very much!! Thanks for keeping us updated. Love to you all!

  2. Mama Henley Says:

    We are continuing to pray for all of you.
    Ann Henley Perry
    from Broughton

  3. Sheryl Says:

    I am praying that this new treatment plan will be the answer for EVERYTHING!!!
    Sending love to ALL of you!!!

  4. Edie Stanfield Says:

    THANKS for the update — praying diligently! Love all of you!!!

  5. John Teeling Says:

    Thanks Jerel. Praying unceasingly.

  6. Susan Says:

    Just got this website from Beth Anderson. Positive messages coming your way from the Schalls!

  7. Susie Edmonds Palmer Says:

    Praying for this new course of treatment, for pain relief and healing.

  8. dee mccarley Says:

    Hello to a brave and marvelous family. We are praying for you and for Susan’s rapid, full recovery.

    God Bless,

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