A Day in the Hospital Without Much to Show For It

This will be short because it’s getting late.  In order for them to do the thoracentesis (drain of fluid around her lung) her platelet count needs to be at 50K.  This morning it was 34K.  After Platelet Transfusion #1 it was still 34K.  She got more platelets this afternoon, and her count actually went down, to 28K.  Not sure what this means.  (I am at home with the kids at the moment, traded off with Susan’s mom this afternoon, so I didn’t get to talk to the doctor firsthand and pepper him with all my questions)  I am reminding myself that she just had chemo last Thursday, and that a drop in platelets is very typical around this time, so she probably was headed down for awhile in those numbers anyway.

Sounds like she’ll get another bag of platelets in the morning and try again.

If you can pray that she hits that 50K mark, that would be great.  I think the thoracentesis is the key right now.

So, kind of a frustrating day of nothing really happening at the hospital.  Seems like time moves at a different pace there, and you can add about 2 hours to whatever their estimate is of how long something’s gonna take.  I’m feeling like tomorrow they’ll figure out a way to get that fluid out, though.  I’ll touch base again when I have something to report.

Much love to all of you who ask, call, email, and read.  You are a constant blessing to our family.


5 Responses to “A Day in the Hospital Without Much to Show For It”

  1. Kara Says:

    We will continue praying – specifically for her platelet count. Thank you for the updates. I’m sure at times it is last on your “want” to do list, but we all appreciate them. Love and prayers to all of you!

    Bennett and Kara

  2. Donna Cameli Says:

    Praying for you and for 50K today.

  3. John Teeling Says:

    Jerel, I am praying with you and Susan aor a 50k platelet count today. I am sorry yesterday was frustrating. I am praying to our Lord for a better day today.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Please send Susan extra hugs from me. 50K is the number I am praying for ands saying over and over! Know that you are all in my thoughts on a daily basis, and hang in there! Remember what I told you a long time ago at HES….”she is the strongest woman I know”!!!!

  5. Ann Henley Says:

    Dear Lord, please raise Susan’s platelet count to 50 and please give the Law family a sense of YOUR peace that passes all understanding. Amen.

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